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Is It The Right Time To Start A Business is part of the discussion throughout todays podcast episode. During every week we get countless emails all asking about business ideas, content and business worries. As you will hear on todays show one of the major ones that we see time and time again is the "Is It The Right Time To Start A Business" one. But actually does this question ever need to be really asked if you do the work before you launch a business? If you sit and plan the business, find the traffic sources, develop your offer and then make it easy for the customer you are ahead of everyone long before you start a business. So as you will hear on the show, in our honest opinion there is no such thing as a bad time to start your own business with the right plan.   Question One Dear David and everyone at Join Up Dots, Loving the podcast and all the different conversations you have everyday. What with everything going on at the moment with the pandemic, are you concerned about the future at all. Do you worry about what you have constructed failing? I keep on listening to shows like yours and would love to start my own venture, but i keep on thinking "Is this the right time what with everything going on?" Im not sure that you will put your mind at ease, but would at the minimum be excited to hear my name mentioned on your podcast. Gillian Salazar, Mykonos, Greece Question Two Good morning David, i have been going though your archives listening to your backdated content, and keep on hearing a theme appearing time and time again. Overwork, burnout and exhaustion. I work in corporate for a major pharmaceutical company and have never experienced anything like this, which makes me wonder wether you regret creating Join Up Dots and all it spin off? Wouldn't it be more sensible to leave it all at work each night and switch off, and from what I am hearing you struggled to do this. Best regards Conejito Sibilia, Mexico City Question Three Hello David, it would be wonderful if you got to see this email and respond, but i know how busy you are. I heard on a recent podcast episode that you have bought a shop. Why? Surely, what you wanted to create was enough for you...simply intrigued as to why you added more work when most people talk about walking on beaches, meditation and being free from life hassles. I used to own a brick and mortar business and it was nothing but trouble. John Baker, Perth Western Australia

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