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My guest today, on the Steve Jobs inspired Join Up Dots free podcast interview is a lady with a kind of bio that you don’t often see. As it says “What do you do when Alzheimers runs in your family and you fear you see early symptoms in yourself, too? She didn’t waste a single moment: She quit her job as a national award-winning teacher to pursue her lifelong dream to be a road comic. And her life has become one amazing adventure! She has entertained U.S. troops in Iraq & Kuwait; performed in comedy clubs in 40 states; and has been to Africa 4 times to perform for Ugandan audiences in two of their tribal languages, as well as going on an epic trek in search of wild mountain gorillas. What makes this so show so different is unlike so many of our guests who are escaping from a job they dont like, or guest loved her job she was trying to escape from something that went so much deeper than that. She realised due to the illnesses in her family that we are all living on borrowed time, and leaving something until tomorrow may well mean that it will never actually occur. Our buckets lists start overflowing with lost dreams, wishes and amazing experiences. And now with her book “A FUNNY THING HAPPENED ON THE WAY TO DEMENTIA: A Stand Up Comedian’s Race Against Time”, being published by Motivational Press does she look back and think “I should have done this earlier?” Or is life simply a series of dots that have to be crossed before you can truly find the thing that you want to do in life? Well lets find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots with the one and only Sharon Lacey

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