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On today's Business advice Friday podcast we focus in on several questions that have been posed to us by listeners across the world. We get many sent to us at the show, and most we respond directly, whilst others we like to answer on the show. Lets start with todays three emails. and remember you can hear all the answers on the podcast live. Business Coaching Friday Question One Hi David, i think  you are the man to give me the answer i need. I started building my online business last year selling baseball cards online. Its going well so far (not enough to make a living) but enough to start paying off my big expenses each month. The thing is I am a bit bored with doing it now. After a squilliuon years of doing Join Up Dots how do you keep the motivation and keep inspired. I need help?  Gemma Chase, Montana, USA Business Coaching Friday Question Two Hi David, from somebody who is late to the game for podcasts I would love to start my own and build a next little business from the back of my garden like you. I dont have a garden at the moment, but hey,i dont have a business either. My issue is I cant think of what to build my business on, and secondly I am a bit scared, as I am long time sufferer of depression. I have been diagnosed as bi polar and although I have in under control there are times that i cant even get out of bed. Do I sound like someone that can light up the airwaves like you do everyday. Vince Plus,  Business Coaching Friday Question Three Hi everybody at Join Up Dots...whats up?  I am a 52 year gay man from Miami. Gay and proud of it. I want to create a gay business that celebrates everything My friends say this is a bad idea, as no matter how much improvement there has been with acceptance there will always be some people that get upset by our lifestyles...What do you think? I want to call it Gay Days Where Gays Stay and Play Marcus, Miami

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