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Following the words of Steve Jobs today, is a guest entrepreneur that is a special man to have on today’s episode, which is the official 500th interview that I have recorded.

Not of course the 500th show we have released, but the 500th time that I have sat down with a mover and shaker to record an interview for the show.

And what makes it even more special is this guy was the first interviewee that I ever recorded with nearly two years ago.

Yes, the first piece of online content to come from the Join Up Dots conveyor belt.

Yep, when I was nothing more than a man with a dream to become a podcaster, with no profile, confidence, social platform, but a lot of motivation, then if it wasn’t for him agreeing to the podcast interview, then there was a good chance that the show wouldn’t be around today.

So send all your complaints to him as he could have nipped it all in the bud right at the very beginning

Now on that first episode we talked about how he had left the military with a desire to travel the world and create a business for himself on his own terms.

A business that would provide both freedom, motivation and income.

How he would sit on his bed in his baracks and start creating something that he could show to the world and be proud off.

But wow, hasn’t it all changed since we last spoke, as it now seems that not only does he have the belief in what he can achieve, but also the world does too.

As he is creating content, products, podcasts, books and income faster and faster.

Such as the Publishers’​ Empire, a comprehensive publishing training program, community and book launch platform, which holds over 100 HD training videos, a private, 24/7 forum, weekly small group coaching, exclusive expert interviews with today’s top self-publishers, marketers, and more, copy-and-paste book marketing and sales scripts, dozens of book templates, and much, much more.

And those three last words are the key to his increasing success “Much, much more”

He is seeing the world differently.

He is acting differently

And he is playing to his super talents, and where he lacks, finding the super talents of others to deliver much much more.

So when did it really start to speed up and in the words of the comedian Steve Martin “He become so good that he couldn’t be ignored any more”

And when he looks back at the version of himself, sitting on his army bed, was he close to what he wanted to be, or is that now a distant version of what he now wants to become?

has he found the motivation that brings it al together?

Well let’s find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots for the second time with the one and only super entrepreneur himself, Mr Tom Morkes.


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