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Joining us on the Steve Jobs inspired podcast is an amazing guest entrepreneur.

We have many types of people joining us on the top rated business podcast interview Join Up Dots, but today's guest is a slight departure from what we have seen recently.

Our guest grew up in New York State, where she had huge motivation to sing pop songs by Madonna around the house and then started writing her own pop songs at an early age.

Then when she was nine years old her school music teacher told her she had the voice of an opera singer, and took her to see her first opera.

Her great-grandfather was a virtuoso musician who signed with Victor Records in the 1890’s, but no one else in her family ever listened to classical music.

Which is a really interesting position to find yourself in.

Most people will struggle with fighting their way to a new future even if they are surrounded by people that have the same passion as them.

But find yourself in a world, where very few people understand what is going on inside you then it comes down to a huge amount of hustle muscle, and personal belief.

And so she worked at her talent, found the right people to work with and a few years later sang her first classical piece, and has never looked back.

But even more interesting is her refusal to do things any other way than her own, and is blending many different styles into her repertoire, even comedy with an off the wall version of “Hot Stuff” by Donna Summer.

So with all the avenues in front of her to travel, how does she make the decisions that will be right for her own career, and not dilute her natural born talent?

And does she embrace the hustle that it takes to build a career, or would she like to just get up there and belt them out?

Well lets find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots and follow the words of Steve Jobs, with the one and only singing entrepreneur Elizabeth Tryon.


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