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Todays guest entrepreneur joining us on the Steve Jobs inspired podcast interview is a man with a vision that matches that of my own.

He is convinced, that the future of entertainment lies not with cable or satellite television, but on the Internet….which is where we all hang out really isn’t it.

As he says “We’re about three years before our time, But What’s happening now, if you watch the financials, cable and broadcast TV are going down.

Their subscriber growth is dying and in the next three years, experts are saying 70 percent of content – news, entertainment, sports, whatever – will be viewed on wireless devices of some kind.”

He believes Internet-based streaming is the wave of the future.

But this isnt the only interesting thing about todays guest, as not only is he creating the latest viewing and listening pleasure for us all, but he also operates from quite an usual location

His company is based out of an old AT&T station, which he has spent over seven million dollars preparing in case of doomsday.

The structure itself being a Cold War relic designed, as most communication buildings were then, to withstand nuclear blasts.

The walls are thick, with only a few windows break up the exterior.

Not the most obvious place for a cutting edge entrepreneur to want to work.

But our guest is different, and even before I speak to him I get a feeling that he relishes this difference.

Highlighted by the fact that instead of investing in gold and silver he went with toilet paper, due to the reasoning “We all need it!”

You cannot go against that logic after all.

So why is it that with Netflix, Amazon Prime, Podcasting and a myriad of new media rising up the world is still content with their monthly cable packages?

And would he say that anyone jumping into the pool today would still be in prime position on the curve?

Well lets find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots with the one and only Jerry McMullin

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