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When someone sends me a request to be a guest on the show, and during the email he says

"I am a huge believer in creating and achieving our own definition of success. We are all unique and we all have something incredible to share. We are the authors of our own stories and I get fired up helping and discussing with people about their journeys. I am still on my my journey and I still have a long way to go, but every day is another chance to continue growing and learning! The only shortcut in life is to start now and I try to make every day count."

Then I know that he is a guy worth talking to.

Since graduating from the University of Southern California last May he has been flexing the old hustle muscle big-time.

And this is not the old hustle muscle flexing where the doors are already half open, but the kind of grind it out flexing that takes time to achieve, with no guaranteed success waiting at the end.

He has worked for the Los Angeles Lakers, started a new business, and wrote a book, called Elevate Beyond: A Real World Guide to Standing Out in Any Job Market, Discovering Your Passion and Becoming Your Own Person

But Like most people the entrepreneurial rout was not evident at the beginning of his career, with several short terms roles being held such as Business Assistant for Relativity Sports and Samsung NBA Summer League Intern.

But you could see once he created Straight Curve Marketing, a company that offers a selection of products ranging from t-shirts to shot glasses that his career was only going to go one way.

And now with both this venture, and Fundamental Mindset, a lifestyle, entrepreneurial blog that shares stories, interviews, advice and experiences to help you maximize your potential, achieve success, and have fun doing looks like he is having fun too.

So when did his mindset change to one of creating his own future, or perhaps it was there all along?

And does he see the link between the more fun he has the more success he gains?

Well lets find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots, with the one and only Mr Jake Kelfer

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