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My guest today, on the Steve Jobs inspired Join Up Dots free podcast interview is an man who many people would stop and think “Wow, that was a risky decision to make” when you hear what he did.

He is the Automate Grow Sell - Quick Talk Podcast host and loves his life bigtime.

But that wasn't always the case.

When he was a younger man he had a job with the word famous bank JP Morgan.

This was a position that had kudos, status and would have been seen as a great career by many.

But not for our guest today, as when he was 25 he left this safe and secure position to start his own cleaning business.

Well, that doesn’t sound too bad a decision to make, as we hear time and time again in Join Up Dots, he had taken control of his life, and more importantly his time which make such a difference.

But how about I add that he took this decision when his lovely wife was pregnant with their first child.

Yes at that period in your life when your future is 100% uncertain and out of your control, he did the unusual and plunged into the dark.

But with hustle, and persistence he grew the business until it was generating over $150,000 a month in revenue and then sold it to a national buyer.

During the last two years that he owned his company, he only worked 5 hours / week on the business, but it still grew at 35% per year.

And now from his home in Costa Rica, he now runs twos two internet based businesses with a small team of professionals from all over the world teaching how to bring automatic systems into your life.

So where did he find the resolve and strength of character to leave his banking job at the very time when most people would cling to what they have got?

And do the systems that he teach work with all types of businesses, or only online ones?

Well let’s find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots, with the one and only Joshua Latimer.

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Podcast: The Automate Grow Sell - Quick Talk Podcast

Description: After starting a cleaning business from scratch with no money, Josh Latimer struggled to find that important balance between business success and family. He eventually grew his cleaning business to produce over $150,000 a month in revenue. He embraced the concept of implementing simple systems into his small business in an effort to set himself free. It worked big time. Now he\'s here with other amazing small business experts to share the wealth.

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