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Introducing Carson Tate Carson Tate is todays guest on the Steve Jobs inspired Join Up Dots business podcast. She is the founder and managing partner of Working Simply, Inc., a business consulting firm that partners with organizations, business leaders and employees to enhance workplace productivity, foster employee engagement, and build personal and professional legacies. Working Simply has served leading global brands, including AbbVie, Delta Airlines, Deloitte, FedEx, Wells Fargo, Chick-fil-A, and Lowe’s.  The author of the best-selling,, Carson Tate Work Simply: Embracing the Power of Your Personal Productivity Style [Penguin Portfolio, 2015], her newest title, Own It. Love It. Make It Work. [McGraw-Hill] and its companion workbook of the same name, was released in October 2020.  Carson’s views have been included in top-tier media including Bloomberg Businessweek, Business Insider, CBS Money Watch, Fast Company, Forbes, Harvard Business Review blog, The New York Times, USA Today, Working Mother and more. How The Dots Joined Up For Carson As she says "For the past 15 years, I have worked with organizations of all sizes around the world to help them improve the engagement of their employees, the productivity of their workforces, and the efficacy of their leadership. Based on everything I’ve learned from the thousands of people I’ve taught and trained, mentored and coached, I know in my heart that one thing is true: Our work is meant to be a full expression of who we are. It is meant to make us happy. Make our hearts sing. Challenge and empower us, and expand our intellectual, emotional and spiritual lives. So why is it that when jobs in essence should be who we are and what we do best, do so many people struggle to see what's right in front of them? And where does she see the office environment heading as move forward and out of the pandemic issues of 2020? Back to how they were or simply a connection of remote workers sitting behind technology? Well let's find out as we bring onto the show to join up dots with the one and only Carson Tate Show Highlights During todays show we discussed such weighty subjects with Carson Tate: Why so many people are unwilling to allow the world to take over the boring though meaningful tasks every business has.  Carson talks openly about the "bumpy " ground that business endure unless you have solid processes in place. Carson shares how the quickest way to change a business is simply to master the whole inbox terror we all deal with. and lastly....... Why it is so good to work for a free at the beginning to get proof of concept but dont make it last too long.

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