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In today's episode of Join UP Dots we tackle the questions that come to us through the listeners of Join Up Dots. Everyday our email inbox gets full of requests for information from our listeners, which we often respond to directly. However in today's episode we save them up and answer them all in one go.... Ranging from depression to waiting too long, to how to find that spark to work on. Whatever you want from your life it is there for you, you just have to go after it and make it happen Enjoy Question One Dear David, can't get enough of our show...yes I say our show as I feel you are speaking directly to me everyday. I am now ready to roll but what can I do? I know the fire is burning but I just dont have a clue where to head....lost from New south Wales, Australia Question Two Hi Join UP Dots i was listening to one of your earlier episodes when you were speaking about hanging around in your job for a few years too long. Do you think this held you back, as I would love to be free from the hell that I am enduring due to my f**wit boss but just cant see how I can do it as quick as I would like.... Penai Chitzo, Argentina Question Three Good day to you from Bolivia. Please excuse my written English as your language is not my natural form of communication. I listen to your podcast as I am improving my Engish speaking. I do not understand everything you speak about as it is very fast speed. I enjoy it very much and long to meet you one day and say "Hello"  Do you have a favourite episode out of the ones you have delivered lovingly to us...Adirana  Question Four David Ralph, you sexy man, you god of the microphone, you pumping piston of positivity (did I get your attention yet?) What would be the number one mistake that you made creating your online platform. I would like to do the same so would like to know what you would change.... Victor Benji, St Louis, America Question Five Hi Mr Ralph, do you regret anything in your life. You seem to be always happy and full of life. I suffer from very dark periods of depression which come from nowhere like a perfect storm. I can only imagine that things go wrong for you, so how do you deal with them. The reason I ask, is i would very much like to create my own income and make a go of it, but I dont know if I would be able to handle the issues that you make very clear will come along sometimes  Claire Merchance, St Ives, UK

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