Sales Coaching Expert Diane Helbig is todays guest joining us on the Steve Jobs inspired Join Up Dots business podcast.

Last joining us in the first year of Join Up Dots on episode 304, 1700 shows ago. She could have been taken straight from that classic movie “Dead Poets Society” as her mantra in life and her company name is “Seize This Day” “Carpe Diem” is the way forward if you want to have a kick ass life, both personally and professionally.

And our guest has demonstrated that everyday as after a successful 20 years in sales and business development she took the experience that she has gained and took the leap of faith. In early 2006, she launched her coaching practice where she helps individuals and small business to see the opportunities all around them, and bound over the obstacles that they may see as game stoppers. In her book, Lemonade Stand Selling, she offers a straightforward, common sense and clear guide to the sales process.

She reminds her readers that selling is as easy as when you had that lemonade stand as a child. So if selling is so easy who do people struggle so badly, especially when building an online business. And is there one thing that people can do straight away to simplify the process and start seeing rewards? So lets bring him onto the show to start joining up dots with the one and only Diane Helbig

Show Highlights

During the show we discussed such deep subjects with Diane Helbig such as:

We link the dating process to the sales process and learn how to get past the big no's

How Donald Trump managed to get himself to the top by knowing his followers and market first and foremost.

Diane shares why she feels that most business owners have to go through different versions of themselves to find success.

and lastly......

Why Matthew McConaughey is the perfect example to study for real sales coaching success.

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