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Introducing Amit Raj

Todays guest joining us on the Join Up Dots podcast, is Amit Raj, an expert in Link building. Those pesky little things that Google loves our websites to have as it build trust and authority in their eyes.  Based in Scotland he is focused on helping clients across the world to gain more traffic, more referrals and of course cash into their businesses. As he says "I have an agency that specialises in SEO & more specifically link building. So I'm sure I could provide some unique insight on SEO, and some super useful advice/concepts for your audience for this slightly misunderstood topic. As some background: I was originally a pharmacist, did a Masters degree in the UK in Pharmacy, did this for years and got disillusioned with it. I found I was good at building my own sites, driving traffic to them and found a great mentor to delve into link building - the rest is history! Now if that sounds interesting lets add more oomph to the mix. He  is also helping Ja Rule's team at ICONN with their online PR behind the scenes (if you're familiar with Fyre Festival you'll know the significance of this!) So why is link building so important when developing an online business? And why do people still think that its a numbers game, when nowadays quality outranks everything? Well lets find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots with the only and only Amit Raj Show Highlights During the show we discussed such weighty subjects with Amit Raj such as: Why in the 90's and 20's, it was all about manipulating Google into giving great traffic....which it wont We share why so many people target the hardest keywords online and struggle to get the traffic - big mistake. Amit shares the top five tips to a quality link building programme that we can all follow. and lastly........ We talk about the power of Google and why it is so important to focus in on them and what they are asking.

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