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Jan 20, 2023

Ten Years Of Dots With Zeb Welborn

Zeb Welborn is a name that many of the listeners will not have heard of but was a major part of the growth of Join Up Dots. In fact he appeared on episode 32 in the first month of the show back in 2014

You see there are times when everybody needs a little confidence booster in the early days, and having someone believe in you enough to say “I know you have just started David, but come on my Defining Success podcast as a guest and tell your story” was just the kicker I needed to make things happen.

And its not a surprise that his show was called Defining success as that is just what he has done in his own life time and time again. His goal when he started his entrepreneurial career was to start a successful tutoring business and the tutoring business was going to fund his lifestyle. A tutoring business, he realized wasn’t going to be extremely successful unless he took it nationally or did something like that. He knew it would be a difficult long road. But he took action to get there and as he started down that path he began to learn about internet marketing.