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Todays guest is a lady who has had many careers in her life, so it will be of great interest to discover if she feels what she is doing now is THE thing. We first spoke to her back on episode 287 of Join Up Dots and it was certainly a powerful episode. Born in East Chicago Heights, Illinois she was reared in rural Hart Michigan. After beginning college at Eastern Michigan University, she returned to her roots in Chicago where she began a federal career with the department of Housing and Urban Development. And then it seems strange to see it from an outsiders point of view, but it was during this time that she became a protégé of Grammy Winning Songwriter and Arranger, Eugen Record and had three releases under the name the Chilites. But her life has been one of contrast as away from the glamour of musical output, she has for 35 years worked in civilian government service, seven years as a labor leader, and as a national negotiator. She is a lady that knows how to get her point across and can make a difference for so many. The last time we spoke to her, she had just started releasing her best selling book "Whose Apple Is It Anyway" and her starting her Empowerment Center. In the book she tells in her own unique voice, a story of emotional and physical abuse, rape, divorce and a 17-year marriage to a man who was later convicted as a sexual predator. So she certainly has a history that will resonate with so many people who have endured similar tales of distress and woe. But its with a force of character that ties it all together and gives the whole platform a central focus, that our guest has got to show her true strength. The programme is stronger because of who she is and now what she is. So why did she for so many years appear to be driven and in control of her business life, but pushed around in her personal life? And would she go back and change anything, or is this just a part of what has made her who she is today? Well lets find out as we bring onto the show to start Joining Up Dots with the one and only Linda F Williams Show Highlights During todays show we discussed such weighty subjects with Dr Linda F Williams such as: Linda shared how she got to such a low point because of how people reacted to her voice and the way she spoke. We have to understand if we are doing something right and big in our lives we will definitely attract arrows into our lives. Linda shares how she has changed her focus twice over the last few years, and has now found her path was there all along. and lastly....... Why the truly motivational and courageous that we see are no better or stronger than you are. They just have chosen to show it to the world.

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