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Things That Stop You From Achieving Your Goals? Things That Stop You From Achieving Your Goals is something that not many people talk about on a podcast. Most of the time its all about "Action taking, money making and success, success, success". But why is it that even when you want to change direction and make a difference in your life something inside stops you from getting there. Well in todays episode we try to break things down, so you can make a mental checklist of the ones that you might be struggling with. So that is the subject of todays episode of Join Up Dots and of course you can hear the full answer on todays episode. Things That Stop You From Achieving Your Goals Breakdown Goal Stopper 1: Seeing The Big Picture And Not The Dots Through Join Up Dots we speak to so many people who want to start their own businesses. You can see the fear in their eyes when they tell us about their dreams of what they want to achieve. The issue of course is we dont start at the dream. We start at the furthest part away from the dream, when everything is possible and nothing is achieved. If you find yourself frightened by what needs to be achieved, then write a list of the first five things that you need to do to get started. Dont even consider the end goal, just a few things to tick off to start building belief. Goal Stopper 2: Fear Of Failure One of the major things that stop you from achieving your goals is the fear of failure. It is so much easier to say "Things aren't possible" before you ever start, as of course you wont ever fail. The world is littered with the dreams of men who never ever started. What a shame, as nobody knows if they can make their dreams come true when they start. But they do start, and then keep on working towards their end goal. Dont be put off by the fear of failure as you will never ever know if you are right or not. Goal Stopper 3: Trying To Be Perfect Perfection never really occurs in life or in business. Even great works of art, revered by experts across the world are probably frowned upon by their makers. The Mona Lisa is probably not bang on what the painter wanted to achieve. I can promise you this, but no matter what you create it wont be finished. You will always look at it with longing eyes of "I need to do that, I wish I had done that" Dont get hung up on perfection. Do what you need to to get things out into the world and then polish as you go. Goal Stopper 4: Excuses Things That Stop You From Achieving Your Goals dont really exist. Or at least you dont know they exist until you come across them by doing the work. As you will hear on the episode, a lady friend threw up excuses before anything. She didnt even think, do, work, take action anything. The excuses kept on coming, to which David Ralph just smiled and walked away from them. Excuses are things that stop you from achieving your goals more than anything else. Goal Stopper 5: Expectations On of the truths in starting your own business, is it will always take twice as long as you expected. You also will spend more money than you expected too, before ever getting the results you expected. The key to success is simply "It is what it is" You will be exactly where your efforts have placed you, no matter what you are hoping and expecting. Get your head down, do the work, enjoy the celebrations that your achievements bring to you, but dont expect.

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