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Introducing Stephen Pacinelli

Todays guest is the founder of BombBomb video a new and engaging way to turn your boring emails into almost live interactions. Think about your inbox and the amount of time you spend reading boring text, when really you want someone to simply tell you face to face. Well that is where Stephens new business and book comes in. As he says "Do you struggle for replies and responses? Do your text messages get misread or misunderstood? It’s time to stop relying on faceless digital communication and get face to face again.


How The Dots Joined Up For Stephen Pacinelli

Rehumanize Your Business is a hands‑on guide to adding simple webcam and smartphone videos into your communication mix in order to build trust, save time, and truly connect with people. Now what I love about this, is once again it simplifies the core function of every businesses sales funnel. Its build trust and loyalty and personal connection. People buy from people they trust and like...end of story So why is there such difficulty in today's world, to market our products and services correctly? And why do people simply forget to build their personal interaction strategy into everything that they do throughout their business? Well let's find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots with the one and only Mr Stephen Pacinelli Show Highlights During the show we discussed such weighty subjects with Stephen Pacinelli such as: Stephen shares his belief why relationships shouldn't be automated when in business. Its the human touch all the way. What the difference is between relationship videos and marketing videos. and why we should balance both. How he transitioned from a monotonous role into the sexy confident individual that he is today all though taking a chance. And lastly……… Stephen shares the big mistakes that BombBomb made back in 2006, and why it was such a slow growing success.

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