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Join Up Dots - Online Business Success Made Easy (With A Bit Of Life Coaching Too)

Welcome To The #1 Global Hit Podcast Join Up Dots

Dec 30, 2019

Introducing Daniel Tolson Today's guest joining us on the Join Up Dots show is Daniel Tolson, a business expert from Australia who has learnt the power of selling. He is Australia’s No. 1 business coach and has helped thousands of clients manage their time more effectively, remove self-limiting beliefs and make a lot more money. Daniel’s goal is to show you how to make more sales and a lot more money. As he says "There is nothing worse than worrying about where your next customer is coming from and wondering if you are going to make enough money to survive and with my proven techniques I will help you to stop worrying about where your next sale is coming from. You’ll experience less rejection to your offer, customers will be wanting to buy from you immediately and then they’ll refer you to their family and friends! Now this wasn't something that of course occurred like magic right at the very start. This was something built through the life of hard knocks. As he says "A few years before my birth, my parents lost their farm. The drought hit, the crops died, the markets collapsed and they had nothing to trade. They walked off the land with nothing. After the following years of night shifts packing shelves at the local supermarket and driving buses and taxis, they knew that making a wage would never lead to financial independence. Soon they found themselves in construction. Yet the backbreaking 16-hour days quickly took their toll. How The Dots Joined Up For Daniel At age 9, I started my sales career as a paperboy. My uncle gave me the 3-step sales training; “Here are your newspapers, there’s the door, go make sales!” On the very first sales call, I got my first ‘no’ and the rejection hit me hard. I took it personally and thought there was something wrong with me. I heard ‘yes’ a few times but the pain of the ‘no’ was so bad that I began to self-sabotage and procrastinate.  In the early 1990’s when the construction industry changed, my parents reinvented themselves and as a family, we opened up a pawn shop. We became the local Pawn Stars! For the first 9 years in business, we were amateurs- a regular, uneducated family doing the best we could. With no training, we were just in there giving it a go and we didn’t know any different.  What you need to know about pawnbroking is that it’s one of the most profitable business models in all of history. It works like this: you lend your own money against an item of value for a short period of time and you get a 20% return on your money every 30 days. If the customer doesn’t come back, you keep their goods and sell them. All profit. Zero risks!" So how how did he take this early tuition in business and transform his life to where it is today? And if he could give one big piece of advice to every listener of Join Up Dots what would it be? Well let's find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots with the one and only Mr. Daniel Tolson Show Highlights During the show we discussed such weight subjects with Daniel Tolson such as: Daniel shares the "When Harry Met Sally" method of business....I'll have what she's having. Daniel talks about why he "acts as if now", instead of "fake it until you make it" like so many others. We share the power of the words of Brian Tracey who advises to grow where you are planted. Daniel reveals the reasons why most businesses have to change a minimum of four times before they get the good results. And lastly................. Why it is so powerful and important to get clear on who your customer is an understand what they want right from the very start.