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Aug 29, 2014

Todays guest gets asked the same question again and again and again.

Why is your company called Dancing Elephants?

So I will do my very best to not ask this question as I wouldnt want to get off on the wrong foot, with a lady who is an author, speaker and consultant for companies around the world on sales and marketing.

She knows what is needed to attract clients, that become loyal consumers of a companies products?

Nope don’t see the elephants connection yet?

But how has she achieved the kind of sales knowledge that is sought after across the globe, and how did she and her partner Will Turner, develop the “Six Secrets of Sales Magnets” and the soon to be available “Sales Magnetism: The

Ethical Salesperson’s Guide To Success” which brings a different perspective to the sales technique.

Well lets find out as I bring onto the show, to start Joining up the dots of her life, the one and only Laura Posey.

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