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Todays guest joining us on the Steve Jobs inspired Join Up Dots business podcast interview, is someone who from the first moments of his life has been wandering the world.Born on an RAF base in Germany,he grew up in Cyprus,and then was reluctantly brought to the United Kingdom by his parents as a teenager.And what did he do?He instantly complained about the rain,get over it that's what we have in the United Kingdom.

Was the travelling a chore? Was the moving from country to country the thing that our guest dreaded.No far from it.The experiences, different cultures, and contrasting landscapes embedded a love of adventure, imagery, and story telling that he just knew was something that could take him on a path that was true to his unique self.

He loved the idea of being a professional travel writer.So even though he knew his path, and knew what he wanted to create, he still only focused on his dream as a side project, until after what he believed was a “heart-attack” he finally started the action that he needed to kick everything off.

Quitting his job, he is now at the time of writing a freelance writer of no clearly fixed abode.We might find him in the UK, escaping to the Mediterranean, or as he says “even gallivanting across some bleak European hillside, bound for disaster” – which is how he finds material to write about.So lets find out where he is today, and bring onto the show the creator of "Fevered Mutterings", the inspirational travel loving blogger….Mr Mike Sowden.

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