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Inspiration, inspiration and more inspiration can be found on todays episode of Join Up Dots.

Todays guest entrepreneur ready to relax into todays business interview was perhaps not the most obvious person to get behind the mike and create an amazing content producing production line.

But he has achieved it, after living a totally different life for many, many years.

An electrician and entrepreneur by trade, he spent his time with pliers and fuses, creating a world of light and power around his home state of Washington.

But behind his skilled hands, a light burned brightly.

A light that shone brightly on a dream to become a speaker and a writer.

Living a life of freedom.

A career that gives him the lifestyle that he wants.

But like many dreams, they remained simmering until after a routine health check he was given life shattering news.

He found out he had cancer, and knew that he had take action.

And man did he take action.

Grabbing a mike, a pen, and a laptop he set to work to not only achieve his own goals, but to inspire others to achieve their goals too.

And with his podcast "Doubt The Doubts" being published now over 180 times, he has certainly achieved his aim.

So let me bring to you, someone who deserves to be heard by the biggest audience possible.

The top entrepreneur , the host of "Doubt The Doubts" Mr Paul Blaise.


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