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Todays guest is a lady that I first connected with on LinkedIn, as I simply loved the message she was putting outto the world.

She is a campaigner against I suppose corporate contentment, where so many of us work in jobs that do not fulfil us simply due to our belief that this is the safest route to take in life.

The paycheck is the most important thing, but our guest today believes otherwise.

In 2011, she couldn't suppress this desire anymore to find her authentic self and she left a 12 year career in a Fortune 100 company to go it alone.

And quite simply it appears to me that she hasn't looked back, although that is exactly what I am going to be asking her to do today.

Now with her company Prolific Living Inc. she is a professional blogger, author, speaker, business coach and an expert green juicer.

She is passionate about showing her readers and clients how to define their own freedom in their health and their careers.

So how can we learn from her?

How can we find the methods, skills, and passion to create a future that is all our own, and delights us on a daily basis.

Well there is no better time than today, so let me introduce to you the lovely, inspiring and of course conversational Farnoosh Brock.


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