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Todays guest entrepreneur ready to face the Steve Jobs inspired business is a motivational speaker and author whose mission is to teach us all to be bold in our actions

He believes that we all have it in us to get out of our comfort zones and create career and personal success in whatever we do.

With a background in sales, and knowledge of cognitive behavioural therapy, he has the ability to inspire us all by sharing personal stories of success, and no doubt failure and obstacles (we all have those in our lives and businesses after all) and a humorous approach that has led him to be a sought after corporate speaker across the world.

But how has he managed to find the key to boldness that alludes so many of us in our lives?

And I guess the bigger question is, did he always this ability to challenge and strive for bigger and better things, or was there a key moment in his life that showed him the  freedom to choose a better way?

Well lets find out, as we start joining up the dots of his life, with the one and only boldness entrepreneur Mr Jeff Shore


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