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It's amazing the kind of business folk that I get to talk to on the Steve Jobs inspired top rated career advice podcast, who is doing things there own way.

If you think of an expert in Google +, who knows more about the product than it seems Google do themselves you would probably think of a teckie guy, mad hair, get the idea.

You wouldn't think of someone that loves writing comedy with a psychological twist, and likes nothing more than jumping up on stage and wowing the crowds with a few well placed rib ticklers.

Even studying at the San Francisco Comedy College for six months to fine tune his craft.

But this is a guy who has built his own job that works.

He has built a career that is full of motivation and fun, and I guess that is the perfect job.

Well that is the type of guy that we have on the show today, who started his life in Wales, and now fly's around the world supporting his clients, who in the main fail to grasp the power of Google+

He teaches the processes that make this platform potentially the most under utilised area of the web today.

He uses his studies in psychology to create a blueprint for us to follow to understand how organisations like Google use psychology and how we...the internet uses don't, but should.

He is a man who Guy Kawasaki states is "one of the most clever and hard working people you'll find."

So where does he believe his true talents lie?

Being an engaging and informative public speaker, executive coach, business consultant and marketing psychologist, standup comedian or windsurfing trainer.

Yep, you didn't see that last one coming did you!

Well lets find out, as its with great delight that I get to bring onto the show, to start joining up dots, the one and only Mr Martin Shervington.

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