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217: Nikki Pett: A Lady That Shows Us How To Be Human Everyday

Todays guest on the show is a lady who is an author,  speaker,  passionate trainer and philanthropist and believes that the way to a flourishing business is by working as hard as she can on the relationship building side of things.

And believe me she really works hard on the bit that so many people forget about nowadays the offline personal touch, writing anywhere from 1000 to 2000 personal notes a year.

If you have a great relationship with people, not only will they trust you, but they will tell their friends about you too seems to be the order of the day..

She has been in the promotions industry since 2000, going on to establish her own company in 2002 when she realized that there was a definite gap in the industry.

She didn't see that the training that was being provided to companies across America was achieving the results that she would have expected.

She called it “hit and run mentality” training and knew when she published the bestselling book Relationship ROI that she had to teach companies to make the most of what they already had.

Sure go looking for new sales leads, but for god sake do everything you can with the customers you already have.

Nurture the relationship, build the trust, and make sure that they don't want to go anywhere else

But can you take these same strategies into your personal lives, and build better and stronger relationships with partners, friends and colleagues?

Can you look at gaining ROI in whatever field you focus your energies in?

Well lets find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots, the one and only Nikki Pett

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