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Todays guest is the founder and CEO of the Piper's Dojo, the number one place to go for all your bagpipe needs.

He learned the pipes at age 8 from his father, Bruce, who sent his interested son on to the great Donald Lindsay for lessons by the time he was 9.

Through Donald, our guest had the opportunity to meet and study with amazing world famous piping greats.

Though only in his early 30's, he is already known as perhaps one of the top bagpipers in North America.

But its not just playing these iconic instruments where he has come into his own as his compositions were featured on more than one World-Championship-Winning performance.

He is the author of the "Bagpipe as an Extension of your Self tutor", which has inspired countless pipers to learn and re-learn the pipes.

He has a passion for developing true expression in players, based on their own thoughts and ideas.

But what was it about these instruments that so ignited his passions as a small child, away from the standard piano and guitars that most children pick up.

And what does his neighbours think when he gets the urge to practice during the wee small hours?

Well lets find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots, with the one and only Mr Andrew Douglas.

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