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Todays guest entrepreneur joining us on the inspirational Steve jobs inspired Join Up Dots, was kind enough to have me as a guest on his amazing new online show "You Leading You" awhile back, and it was clear in the conversation that we are almost the same person.

We have such similar backgrounds, inspirations, talents, that we are almost brothers separated by a vast expanse of water called the Atlantic.

He has been a corporate guy for many years, and has worked at climbing up the ladder of career success, rung by rung, and like so many got to a position when he realised that he didn't like the climb.

He didn't like the fact that he was climbing a ladder, which at anytime could be pushed over, and leave him plummeting downwards.

So he took action, imperfect action which is always the best, and started taking control of his life.

This is a great tale of persistence, with many dots that show how he went from being homeless to an inspirational coach, speaker and host of a super popular podcast....with a heartattack being thrown into the mix too.

So how did he take the decision that was required to start building a life under his own terms?

And why did one conversation with a boss, that he didn't see eye to eye with, literally throw paraffin onto the passions that were simmering deep within him.

Well let's find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots with the one and only brother from another mother....Mr Sean Ackerman

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Podcast: You Leading You: Conversations of Leadership and success with Business Pros, Entrepreneurs and Just Plain Folks!


Overcoming adversity has been a skill I’ve had since pre-conception. As my parents were told they would never have children, I fought my way into this world and have persevered, bringing success in whatever I put my mind to. After 30 years in business management, from small privately-owned companies to large corporate organizations, and I’ve had some amazing accomplishments. In 2011, it all came crashing down as my family and I found ourselves homeless after Hurricane Irene. Losing most everything we owned, we came back and persevered to put our lives back together. This was the catalyst for You Leading You, my mission, to share my experience and knowledge to help other leaders learn and grow. To find their own success and happiness. To lead themselves to their dreams. Today I share the message through the show, You Leading You, with insightful lessons from amazing leaders sharing their stories of success.

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