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Todays guest solopreneur joining us on the Steve Jobs inspired career podcast interview, is a lady who as soon as I heard about her daily hustle and drive to achieve a dream not just for herself, but for eight complete strangers then I knew I had to have her on the show.

She is the creator of the My Million To One programme whereby she is on a mission to raise one million pounds to provide housing for eight disabled children that she first met when volunteering in Africa.

She was asked to help whilst volunteering in the area and quickly approached a couple of local charities who agreed to help by adopting the children and providing them a home on the proviso that she found money every year to pay for the children’s home.

Seems simple?

Well throw into the mix money for all their needs, education and rehabilitation costs – and guarantee that the money would be provided for their lifetimes then it seems daunting to say the least..

So… she challenged herself to raise £1million – enough to build the orphanage itself and then enough money to sit in a bank, so the centre can survive off the interest payments.

Now that might sound easy, find a couple of phone numbers for millionaires and job done.

But our guest has gone a different route, and has aimed to find one million people who will be willing to donate £1 each.

Yep, that’s it.

I would guess that all of us listening to this show will have a lose pound in our pocket to donate to this worthwhile cause.

As she says” “Giving these kids a home for life means everything to me and I don’t see any better way to make their dream of a home come true than by making your dreams come true along the way.  I think there’s something beautiful about a ‘dream swap’ where everyone wins and it’s a wholly positive experience for everyone involved.  It also honours the kids too. They’re not victims… They’d like to know that they’ve helped you too and been empowered in that way.”

What an amazing thing to say!

So how did this lady come to find herself in Africa volunteering in the first place?

And has she found finding one million people harder than she imagined when she started the charity?

Well lets find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots with the one and only Alana Hurd.

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