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Podcast 407: Scott Barlow: Career Expert Teaching How To Build The Job You Love

My guest entrepreneur on todays episode of the Join Up Dots free podcast interview is a man who like a select band of guests have decided to return again and join up more dots.

Yes, back on episode 37 of Join Up Dots, when the show was just a baby, and I was finding my feet, he came on the show with his business partner of the time Mark Sieverkropp.

And wasnt I glad that he said yes, as in the first show we discussed how they were building the online career advice platform Happen To Your Career, and in that discussion spoke about the hustle, early mornings, and desire that it takes to bootstrap something and take it out to the world.

Happen To Your Career, is a place that is built with the owners desire, and passions being its idea avatar.

You can see that the concept would have been something that our guest would have been looking for, so he created it himself.

As he says "I have always had an unusual outlook on careers. My wife Alyssa, who I met in high school, knows this to be true. I have left what others considered “good jobs” turned down job offers other people would love and any time I have wanted to make more income have simply figured out a plan and acted upon it. I have to be doing something I am excited about to be happy. Having had 8 positions in the last 10 years (including successfully self employed) has caused me to have many experiences in a short period of time."

I have owned a successful business in contracting, led others as a people and human resources professional, coached business owners and leaders to success, and helped many people develop their careers along the way. I have worked a variety of industries including: manufacturing, retail, government, food, construction and more. Everywhere I went I saw people struggling to figure out what they want to do and how to get there."

So has he got there himself. Is the platform he created truly what he wants, or is it still work in development?

Like most things created by a desire to help the world will it ever be truly realised?

Well lets find, as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots with the one and only career expert Mr Scott Barlow.

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