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It was a total delight to be interviewed by a man who respect greatly in the podcasting online world....Mr Chuck Wang.

Chuck is one of those guys that is a true giver. He goes out of his way everyday to make a difference to the lives of every person that he meets, and when you get to finally speak to him you realise a profound fact.

He does it quietly and effectively.

He isnt one of these "Look at me people" kind of guys.

Instead he knows what he is good at, prepares as much as he can to be even better at that thing, and swings everytime.

Yeah, he might not always hit it out of the park, but that isnt the point.

He turns up and gives it a go.

So in this episode of Join Up Dots, we share a conversation that it was my privilege to have, where we discussed marketing, podcasting, why the successful can get lazy, and of course what makes an English shandy.

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