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Happy New Year to all of you!

If we could come round to all your houses on the beginning of a new adventure, yep a new year then we would.

Because without you all we wouldn't have achieved what we have personally achieved in 2015.

So what is it that you want to achieve in 2015?

Have you set the goals. Have you decided on which dream you want to go for this year?

Well David Ralph talks in this episode, how setting goals is a great thing to do but you shouldn't go for the big goals.

In many ways these are destined for failure.

Big goals are too much for us to achieve after the new year enthusiasm wears off.

He believes that we should simply start with very small goals, and by achieving them the incremental goals lead to something amazing.

But of course we don't.

We set off going for the gold, and upon the first obstacle we fall by the wayside and slip back into our old returns.

So what type of things should you look for, and where do you find the support you need to become amazing?

Well you will find out all the answers in this episode of Join Up Dots, and you might even get a little bit of Abba too!

Happy New Year to You All

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