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When we last met our guest on today’s episode of the Steve Jobs inspiring Join Up Dots free podcast interview, she was in the middle of experiencing some massive growth in her entrepreneurship.

Yes, in both her business life and her personal life she was smashing through the barriers.

Kicking over her self limiting doubts

And creating an amazing future for herself.

And she has taken her talents to the next level with the launch of the Art of Abundance with Leisa Peterson

This is a story that is long past the old leap of faith stage (although if you want to hear that episode then check back in the archive shows)

She has done this by asking great questions to her clients that flock to her like moths to a flame.

She asks “Are you someone who is burned out from working hard for many years yet afraid to step back out of fear of losing all you’ve gained?

Are your work obligations keeping you from having deeply meaningful relationships with your family and friends?

Do you feel stuck in a situation that takes everything you’ve got yet know there has to be more to life…an ultimate state of joy, satisfaction, and fulfilment.”

Now the interesting thing about her and what I want to discuss in this show, is whether she truly believed it when she first said it?

Did she fully embrace the power that an individual possesses in their day to day lives to create one that is remarkable.

Was it by doing the work, and seeing the results in her clients that she fully embraced the possibilities that she could create?

You see she has had three stages of success from working 22+ years n the world of finance, pouring herself into earning a high salary, collecting great bonuses and moving up the ladder.

Then after facing a major life crisis followed by several tragedies, she moved towards answering the question of could She ever have both inner fulfilment and outer wealth.”

And now after creating a successful coaching business, she has sold her long time home,moved to Hawaii, and now come back to Arizona and starting something new.

So with all this movement and action taking, how does she know that she is travelling the right course in her life?

How does she find the motivation to get up everyday and go through those dark days?

And does she get excited by the road she is travelling all the time, or are there still “Wow, I am so unsure of this” moments, lets just sit on the sofa and do nothing today times?

Well lets find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots with the one and only super entrepreneur Leisa Peterson

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Podcast: Art of Abundance with Leisa Peterson: Business Coaching | Belief Transformation | Wealth | Self-Realization | Self-Love
By Leisa Peterson: Life Coach for Entrepreneurs, Spiritual Warrior, Mindfulness Teacher

Description: Do you long for the day when you’re living a life of abundance? When you can be confident that nothing can get in the way of creating the future you want? Then join business and money coach, Leisa Peterson as she discusses the art of creating more abundance in your business and personal life including interviews with inspiring leaders about wealth, business, relationships and health. Leisa brings her personal experiences of self-realization combined with a 23+ year career in personal finance to help you move beyond limitations, recognize your powerful self and step into your fullest expression of who you are created to be. Use this podcast as a mentoring program to transform your relationship with money, improve your overall well-being and create a life of joyful abundance. To obtain a complementary copy of Leisa's Wealth Flower Exercise, go to: or connect with her on Twitter @leislooski

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