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Today’s guest entrepreneur joining up the dots and following the words of Steve Jobs, is a man who has certainly experienced the highs that life can give you.

And also certainly those times in life when the universe decided to give you a devastating kick to your confidence, self-esteem, ability to love openly, to leave you with little idea as to what to do next.

Our guest is theatrical at heart and even at the age of six could be found bursting into song where he lived, so it was little surprise that his earlier career was spent gaining the knowledge of what works and what doesn’t within the theatre world.

He studied hard, and learnt much (not least how to take down theatre sets rather quickly) when he moved from New Jersey to New York City at the age of 21 to tackle the world of fame, fortune, and the Broadway stage.

This was of course where stars are made, and soon he would be rubbing shoulders with DeCaprio, Ford and the like as he would spend his Saturday mornings ensuring that his star on the Hollywood walk of fame was free from footprints and sparkling.

As he says “By the time I turned twenty-five, I thought I’d have the perfect life—a few years singing on Broadway, followed by a starring role in my own television show.

Instead, his resume is filled with an assortment of minor league theatre and an appearance on The Maury Povich Show—a career sidetracked by his father’s suicide, a lawsuit from his mother over his inheritance, and a break-up with his long-term girlfriend.

Eight years later and through a series of remarkable life events, a bad economy, and mixture of collegiate and self-education; our guest reinvented himself as an international public speaker, author, playwright, theatre producer, educator, marketing consultant, and arts entrepreneur.

Now as we see everyday this is not about reinventing as such, but truly making the decisions that builds a life, instead of allowing for things to happen to us.

Not allowing fickle finger of fate to take away what we thought was our by right.

So how did he take his fathers tragic suicide and find the strength not only tell the tale on stage, but place a comedic spin on it too?

And even though still a young man, does he fell battle scarred and weary, or have the feeling that where he is now is the start of when things get really good?

Well lets find out as we bring onto the show to start Joining up dots with the one and only Mr Joshua Rivedal.

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