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My guest today, on the Steve Jobs inspired Join Up Dots free podcast interview is a lady who is building her dream, whilst helping others to do the same.

Yes she has mastered the skills of the old leap of faith, and now is sharing those skills.

She is the founder the Women’s Dreamvision Network where she helps new female entrepreneurs build and market their businesses while providing a behind-the-scenes look into how others brought their dreams to life.

Yep, she is the wizard allowing us all (at least the females of the world) to look behind the curtain of what it takes to build a business.

But this isn't a success that is full realised. This is work in progress, so its a delight to have another guest who is really flexing the old hustle muscle to build something new.

And can share with us the struggles, issues and successes that are fresh in her life.

As she says "After working in politics, marketing, and communications for more than 15 years, I focused on a career change last summer. Deep down, I knew there was so much more I could offer and accomplish with my skill set. Though I had many ideas, after much soul searching I started coaching new women entrepreneurs. Women have so much to share with the world and incredible knowledge to pass on, but they are also extremely strapped for time, resources, and, unfortunately, they often lack confidence. I love doing my part in helping them break the cycle and get their gifts out to the world."

So she drilled down, found her niche, looked for a solution to a problem and went to work.

And I suppose as most people find, her ideal avatar looks to have trned out to be herself, as with free small children, a husband, and extended family she certainly must have times when she puts her hands in the air and says "Give me a break for five minutes......i cant be there for everyone!!"

So what made her want to create her own destiny at a time, when so many other ladies would have said "We need to wait until the kids grow up a bit first?"

And where did she find the confidence to step out to the front, when her business is still a a baby in the great scheme of things?

Well lets find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots, with the one and only Michelle Huls Rice

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