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Todays show is a weekend rewind of a guest on Join Up Dots who was first introduced to the show by the brilliant Cathy O'Dowd who appeared on the show way back on episode 88. Now this episode is going to get us all thinking about what is possible in life. And what we are capable of achieving, as the first thing that appeared when I checked her website out were these great words " Life is a journey to find out what you are capable of, yet it is one that people often shy away from" She is an explorer and lover of the big challenges in life. But life didn't start in such a grand fashion, as like most of us she started her career in a corporate gig, and worked for British Gas. Although it is true to say that even within an environment like this, she was out to prove a few things and became one the youngest employees ever to reach a Senior Management Role within the organisation. But it was when made the decision to spend 3 moths in Kenya on her first expedition that her life truly changed forever It was then she could start to see the first footsteps on the path that she has traveled ever since, and developed her belief that she was capable of more than she imagined possible.. In 2013, she celebrated twenty five years since she made her that first expedition to Kenya, And since then she became the first British woman to ski to the Magnetic North Pole, which led onto expeditions to Antarctica, the Geographical North Pole and skiing with an international team across the Greenland Ice Cap. These expeditions taught her the realities of leadership, managing change and maintaining motivation, which she now helps business leaders put into practice today through corporate coaching and keynote presentations. So why did she decide to do that first three months in Kenya, and did she have to quit her job to do it, or did she have lovely bosses that allowed such a huge amount of annual leave? And as we find time and time again on Join Up Dots, is it the true hardships that we learn from most, or do they just point us to the direction we should be moving? Well let's find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots, with the one and only Sue Stockdale.

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