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Introducing Remy Blumenfeld Todays guest joining us on the Join Up Dots podcast is a man who believes that life is one big game. We are here to create an amazing life, leave a legacy and do it all with purpose, grace and ease. Spending his day coaching leaders to do just that, fuelled by innovation and creativity his in arenas such as Arts and Culture, media, television, film, fashion and advertising. His clients include directors of national arts organizations, worldwide ad agencies and a wide range of entrepreneurs. Now as most of our guests share time and time again, his working career didn't start with where he is today. Starting his career as a TV presenter in the USA, he launched his first TV Production company out of his bedroom. He sold it eight years later to the world’s largest production company where it became the producer of Big Brother. How The Dots Joined For Remy He has served the board of Endemol UK and later the board of ITV Studios where he was director of Formats. There he was responsible for shows from Come Dine With Me to I’m A Celebrity. Remy has twice been ranked in the top twenty most influential gay people in the UK by the Independent on Sunday. As he says "It hasn’t always been easy.  In my thirties:  I was diagnosed with a life threatening illness Lost a high-paying job Founded two companies – both failed. I saw my 14-year romantic partnership flounder and dissolve. So you can see he has an eclectic career and life, touching many key areas, but it seems to me at it's core is people. He is a man who know what connects people across the world. What drags them into the collective experience of shared experience. So has he loved every part of his career, or was it simply as case of building to where he is today? And why does he think that the world "play" is more often than not forgotten once we get into the world of adulthood? Well let's find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots with the one and only Remy Blumenfeld. Show Highlights During the show we discussed such deep weighty subjects with Remy Blumenfeld such as: What are the biggest regrets of people who are on their death bed? Why there is such a growing movement to share real experiences in the world, instead of what we see on Social Media. Remy shares the reasons why he first went into TV, and why he felt that he was not good enough. and lastly...... Why friendship should be something that you trust with your life, although so many of us class acquaintances in the same way.

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