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Introducing Tim Collings Tim Collings is today's guest joining us on the Join Up Dots podcast is a Brit living in in Australia. Tim started out his corporate working career as many of us do. Constrained by the boundaries of a system Tim quickly realised that the way he thought about things was different to the way the boss wanted things done. Luckily Tim had some great bosses and strong leaders that recognised that his potential for greatness resided not within a system but with servicing clients and delivering on their needs and once he was let off the leash so to speak he kicked goal after goal. However like many successful employees Tim wanted more and ultimately he wanted his own business. All the years within the corporate framework set Tim up nicely to make the transition into his own business. As he says " I spent 15 years working in global corporates both finding my way as a leader, and really feeling the difference between leaders who tried to model the business on themselves rather than those who nurtured the capability of their leadership team, fostering their talents and strengths." This insight has now lead him to have a great perspective on leadership and is highly experienced in working closely with many of Australia’s top executives. Tim’s ideas and thoughts around value based leadership are not just interesting, but pragmatic and highly effective. Tim is recognised as one of the top people in the field of leadership in Australia. So what makes a person a truly great leader that not only shines in their own office, but across the globe too? And where does he find the inspiration to challenge this information into his own successful business? Well let's find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots with the one and only Tim Collings. Show Highlights During the show we discussed such deep weighty subjects with Tim Collings such as: We shared the journey that Tim took as he leaped across the world to find a new home and live a life of adventure. Why the word selfish isn't actually a bad thing if you can then take that decision and start serving the world better. Why so many people struggle with knowing that the service that they can provide will get better  in the future, although previous customers have missed out. and lastly...... Tim shares how he manages his time and his energy both at the start of the day and also at the end. This is a game changer.

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