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In today's episode of Join Up Dots we discuss an issue that so many people have in today online world. They are struggling online to make sales, and get the right customers into their lives. You see most people it seems, start with a dream and after a very short time change their direction into something else. Just when they are getting a few pounds into their bank accounts they feel its not enough so class it as "Not working" However as you will hear this is total rubbish, as if you can make a few dollars come your way there is no reason you can't make a lot more. You simply have to learn more about what is working and what isn't. If you become obsessed with earning as much as you can then you will have no problem about it all. I promise you.... So lets start with the email that I received recently from a listener of Join Up Dots, who is struggling online to make a difference for themselves.  Struggling Online Email Dear Mr Ralph, I am a long term listener of Join Up Dots podcast and also a long term dream builder. If I can share a bit about myself, I was born in a small town almost smack in the middle of the United States Of America. Growing up there wasn't much to do, and I longed for the time that I could say goodbye to my past and head off into a bright new future. So when I was 19, I packed my bags and started backpacking through Thailand, Malaysia and then a three year coast to coast adventure through Australia. I loved it, and would often spend time with people earning money online and supporting themselves without it seemed a care in the world. That is what i wanted more than anything. I wanted the ability to live stress free, and simply. Not worrying about mortgages and the restraints of modern living in any shape or form. So I set off to start earning online and living my dream...I am now 30 and no nearer to that dream. I have ended back in the town of my childhood and work in a local store to earn a living. I hate it and feel that the dream is not for me anymore. Do you have any suggestions as I have tried everything and nothing works, no matter what i do. Kind regards, Rosendo Pawnee Rock Kansas

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