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What is success is one of those questions that we ask ourselves more and more nowadays. Its not surprising, as from the moment we go to school we are being pushed towards success. Teachers say to us "If you don't work hard you wont get the results you need to get that great job" Parents says to us "How are you going to afford to own your house if you dont become successful" The issue is of course, most of these visions of success aren't our own. These are what others people have in their mind is success and they dont have any right to try to push it on to us. It's just wrong. So in todays episode of Join Up Dots we answer the following listener question, and of course you can hear the full answer on todays episode. The What Is Success Listener Question Dear David, I am long time listener of Join Up Dots even though I am only seventeen years old. I started listening as I was hoping for help in finding success. My parents are very driven people, and want me to get success in my life. They worked hard for what they have in life, and want to see me do the same. But what is success? This is my problem as I am willing to work hard at something, but not if its not what I want to do or achieve. Do you think that being happy and poor is as good as rich and unhappy, as i feel my life is going in that direction. So what is success to you David? I know what is success to my parents and family, but I dont think it is the same for me. Thank you Putri, Kula Lumpa, Malaysia So Have You Defined Your Own Success? If you are inspired by todays episode of Join Up Dots and are now pondering your own definition of success then we can help you. Simply head over to the Freedom Starter course on our Free Training Resource and start doing the Love Like and Hate exercise. This can really set your direction in amazing ways and give you the clarity that you need. The second thing you can do, is head over to episode 207 of Join Up Dots and listen to the amazing AJ Leon. This is an amazing episode that reveals the step that one man took to create his own rules and find his own thing in life.

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