Lacking motivation is something that everybody suffers from.

I dont care who they are, Branson, Musk, Bill Gates...whatever high achiever you can think off will have days when they feel Blah! Its normal and in most cases is simply an indication of something be wrong in your life or business. In todays episode of Join Up Dots we look at the five ways that you can over come days when lacking motivation is a problem. Most importantly keeping it at a few days instead of it dragging on and on becoming a problem that stops all progress. Why Do You Start Lacking Motivation? My wife always says to  me "Listen to your body as it knows the answer" and most often this is the perfect solution to your issues. We all know when we are excited and bouncy and full of beans, and generally its because something is fun and new and invigorating to us. Ever been to Disneyworld or any of the theme parks, and been aware of that feeling of dread, excitement and anticipation as you are walking towards the entrance gate. Our body is never lacking motivation on these days, as our whole day is full of new challenges that we are not sure we will like or not. Our body gets ready for the battle and subsequently we feel more alive than we do on a normal work or school day. Whilst we are on the subject of work, and school, think about your first days in the office and how you would wake up a little earlier and feel nervousness and anticipation that quickly disappears once the job becomes your job. How do you bring new challenges into your life that can be the spark to build more and more motivation ? Finding Fun New Challenges To Build Motivation Now most people struggle with this concept as they think that they have to find huge challenges that are an amazing undertaking. This is so wrong, and actually nobody achieves the big stuff without tackling the small things first. I remember back in the day, going into board meetings and trying to speak the lyrics of Beatles songs without nobody realising i was doing it? Stupid? Yeah a bit, but it gave me something to focus on in an environment that was a bit huumdrum. It could be simple things like "How quickly can I have a shower in the morning?", "How can I read a book a week?" "How can i cut back on sugar in the food that i am eating" Not one of them on their own will be lifechanging except perhaps the cutting out sugar, but they are little games to play with yourself. And games as we all know are fun, and fun is...well fun, and never leads to lacking motivation. So our first tip to start beating the issue of lacking motivation is try to find fun where fun might not be visible. Get Rid Of Overwhelm This is a problem that i have a lot and one that i have had to learn the skills to beat...and beat it i do. When things are moving along nicely in a business then you never struggle to find the motivation to make things happen. You get to your desk, start working and before you know it a day has passed and success is yours. How about those times however when you have too much on your plate, and everywhere you look there is something to be done. You plough on throughout the day until you get to bed with the feeling off "I haven't really achieved anything at all"? You wake up the next morning and the first signs of lacking motivation are appearing. "I cant bear the thought of another day like yesterday....i think ill watch Netflix for a bit" When this occurs you have to stop thinking of everything you need to do and just choose something. Think of something you fancy doing and brings about some kind of reward. It could be another customer, some income, another part of your business....but do something. The key to not lacking motivation is to find ways of feeling good about your efforts. So find something that brings the rewards and make things happen. The People Pleasing Trap That Kills Us All Do you feel that you spend most of your time doing stuff for other people. Certainly any parent will feel that they spend the bulk of their days taking the kids around to multiple activities. Which has been one of the good things about the pandemic in my view. A lot of the extra stuff that we do for people has been taken away from us for a bit. So this is your chance to reset and stop offering up your time and energies on being their for people that dont really deserve it. Stop trying to please others all the time, and block out some ME TIME, which is non negotiable. Through Join Up Dots I wont allow anyone to break into most of my week, and I'm always looking for ways that I can focus in on myself first. Is this selfish and a bad things? No not at all, it just means that i have more energy for the people that do need my help and that is where my efforts are better placed. As they say on the planes "Make sure you put your mask on first" and that has never been more important when trying to stop lacking motivation. Simply say NO. Happiness And Achievement Killers Of Motivation Yeah it seems a strange thing to admit as Join Up Dots is all about working on achieving your goals. But there are times when you achieve everything you wanted to achieve and then laziness and contentment creeps in. I think at our hearts everybody is lazy to some degree. We would all rather just sit around doing a few things here and there than driving forward everyday. So what do you do when lacking motivation is linked to huge success and achievement? Well i think that you should set a timescale to rest and bask in your glory before getting going again. Say to yourself "Man you have done well, give yourself three months off to rest, enjoy yourself but think of something new to do" As humans are creative, inspirational, higher functioning beings when we have something to challenge us. And coming full circle those challenges, no matter how small will lead to you never lacking motivation again.

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