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Nate Turner is todays guest on the Steve Jobs inspired Join Up Dots business podcast. Nate is the co-founder of Ten Speed, a tech-enabled content optimization company focused on helping companies get more results from the content they already have on their site. He is a marketing expert with over 12+ years in the trenches, with his sole purpose helping companies acquire more customers the easiest way possible. Along with his business partner Kevin, he started in SEO in 2008 when he joined Sprout Social as the first marketer in 2011 and brought Kevin on to lead SEO in 2013. For over 5 years, they worked together building the inbound engine and evolving the organic growth and content strategies to accelerate traffic and revenue growth. In 2018, Kevin left Sprout Social to become head of marketing for Review Trackers where he helped double organic traffic and build out the marketing team. In 2019, Nate left Sprout Social to focus on growth marketing consulting for companies like Help Scout, Zylo, and Hologram. How The Dots Joined Up For Nate As Nate and Kevin kept in touch and frequently discussed the latest in marketing, they kept coming back to how well content optimization works, how many companies don't do it well, and their overall passion for content & SEO. After defining a tech-enabled process that they felt would add tremendous value to companies without all of the headaches of trying to hire for these skill sets or evaluate big, bloated agencies, Ten Speed was born. There is a specific feeling of excitement and optimism when you see organic performance go up and to the right and seeing their customers experience this feeling is what fuels the Ten Speed team. So why do most business fail miserably at content marketing when there are so many avenues to get your brand out there? And how can we start the right way if we are entering into the online world today? Well let's find out as we bring onto the show to join up dots with the one and only Nate Turner Show Highlights During todays show we discussed such weighty subjects with Nate Turner: How to decide the best route to working on the right opportunities within a business so you aren't spinning too many plates. Why it is such a powerful strategy to go over your old content and renew to please Google as much as possible. Nate shares the issues that it takes to create a new company and why he is focused on not making the mistakes that he has seen elsewhere. and lastly....... Why its such a powerful statement of intent to reengineer your online business inline with the growth.

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