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Todays episode of Join Up Dots is a coaching session brought to you by the lovely listeners of Join Up Dots.

Every week we receive many many emails into the show from people who are struggling with turning their lives around and making a difference to their families and their futures.

In todays show we have grouped a few together based around the theme of overwhelm, stress and lack of motivation.

Lets start with the first question of the day.

Question One

Hi David, thanks for everything you do and speaking to me a few months ago. Well i took your advice and undertook the Freedom Starter course and have started working on a small business in my town, providing small jobs to wives around my town. I am making half my current jobs income from this side hustle, but i am struggling to fit everything into my life, what with family commitments being added into the mix too. I know you spin many different plates so do you have any advice as to how to keep them all spinning?

Your friend and padawan

Buck Mitchell

Question Two

Hi David, long time listener of the show and have a quick question.  I have been following your advice and now I am about to launch my first business. 

I wont say what it is at the moment, but i am pleased and excited with how its going.  My issue is, what should i do next. There seems to be so much that is needed as i can see where its headed. Any suggestions?

Question Three

Hi Join Up Dots, i would love to start my own business, but i already know that i am stressed with everything going on in my life. I also know that not everybody that takes control of their own life is in the perfect place so why am i different? I would love to hear any advice that you can give on the show, keep up the great work.

Janinne, Arkansas

Question Four

Hi David, i lack motivation and find it very hard to get things going in my life and at work. How do you get pumped up ready to go when you dont feel like it? Would love to know. Maz Vinoya, Bucaramanga, Peru

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