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My Business Is Earning Money But A Mess & Other Questions

Through the many years of Join Up Dots, we have inspired people from across the world to take control of their lives, start building their own income and have a kickass life.

But of course, its not as easy as simply saying that you want to do it and it just happens.

You need to of course start, but you also (and this is the hardest part of it all) need to truly believe that you can make things happen.

That is where the difficulties start and the voices in your head start to take control of the situation and things go off the rails.

Well in todays podcast episode we answer just three of the many questions that come into the show on a daily basis asking for help.

These ones however are a bit different, as they aren't just people struggling to make a difference in their lives.

Two of the questions are from people who have got things in a good position and now need a little bit of assistance to take it to the next level. Lets start with question one, and of course you need to listen to the show to hear the full, expansive answers.

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