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Starting A Business On Passion And Other Questions Starting a business on passion is what everybody wants of course.

Why wouldn't you want to wake up with a Yay......and an excitement in your stomach? Well quite frankly, that is the dream but more often or not along the way you can find that things become a little bit different.

So in this episode of Join Up Dots we answer three questions from listeners of the show that all come to us looking for answers on passion.   Question One David, you seem a man who is always very honest on the podcast.

SO i would like to ask you a question re starting a business with a friend. My best friend from school (so 30 years and counting) wants to start a vaping business with me, delivering vaping equipment to social clubs and colleges.

They have planned things out and it all looks very good, but i have two issues. 1: I dont think i really would ever start this myself, so i wonder about my passion long term. 2. I am worried that our friendship might suffer long term if i do it, and also if i dont do it. Any help will put this troubled mind at a rest. Georgey, UK Question Two Dear David, i have started several businesses over the last few years and never get past the slog part of everything before I lose the will to live and give up.

Any advice from a sex bomb of a man who seems to have this part of things sewn up bigtime. John, Newton Le Willows, UK Question Three Hi David, do you really enjoy what you do? It sounds like you do, but it could also be an act.

The reason i ask is I'm reading a book on the subject of finding what you love and it is quote clear that nobody truly finds what they love. 

Am i aming too high? Kitty Ketinbanban

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