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Mike Koenigs is todays guest joining us on the Steve Jobs inspired Join Up Dots. He is a man on a double mission, or at least one that entwines butifully around each other.

One on side he helps experts build empires both online and offline, ok that is the first part ticked off, He does by showing his clients that you can get paid for BEING, instead of doing, by building influence, authority and loving life too.

Now this isn't someone who simply says that they are an expert and then starts building from that point onwards but someone who has lived it. As he says "Ironically, surviving cancer didn’t save me. Six years later, as I’m waking up, I hear something in me say, “My soul hurts”. I moved out to California in 2001, one month after 9/11, followed my passions, took giant risks, worked hard and created a lot of wealth.

I far exceeded the expectations most had for a boy growing up in a 763 person town in Minnesota from a fairly chaotic, lower middle-class family.

Beyond my business success, I was blessed with a wonderful wife and an amazing son, and we had luxuries including a second home on the beach in La Jolla. Yet, something was deeply wrong. Prior to recognizing that my soul hurt, I knew I was increasingly depressed and full of anxiety, but after hearing myself declare it, I knew I needed a transformation.

I just didn’t know what was broken. And that is the perfect place to start todays episode of Join Up Dots. So its ok saying i need to change, but a totally different thing to actually know where you need to change from and to that is the problem, so where did he start?

And for someone sitting listening with no followers, influence or or a tweet or a video to their name, where can they start to build their empire? Well lets find out as we bring onto the show to Join Up Dots with the one and only Mr Mike Koenigs.

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