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Introducing Bill Bice Today's guest joining us on the Join Up Dots business coaching podcast is a man who has always been an entrepreneur. Starting his first company at age 14, putting on road races with corporate sponsors. At 18, he started ProLaw Software, the first integrated ERP for law firms. After selling the company to Thomson Reuters, Bill became a VC as a founding partner in the Verge Fund, investing in high tech, high growth companies in the Southwest. One of the core things that Bill has learned in building and investing in companies is that the go-to-market is always the hardest part of growing a business. He got so frustrated in trying to get great marketing for his companies that he decided to tackle the problem. A programmer at heart, Bill founded boom-time, tackling marketing as a technology problem. It turns out that when you follow the data, really good things happen. That’s why boom-time built the world’s first marketing-as-a-service platform: fuse. boom-time's marketing strategists follow the data: they already know what will work. Instead of reinventing the wheel, boom-time applies proven marketing techniques at scale. How The Dots Joined Up For Bill As he says "I am a a programmer at heart. So why am I running a marketing company? Because these days, great marketing is all about the data. We built fuse, the world’s first marketing-as-a-service platform, and used it to recruit our world-class team of Word of Mouth marketing experts along with our network of 300+ subject matter experts. I have created boomtime by teaming up with Mark Canon, previously the CEO of Hibu, the Yellow Pages company in the UK. This seems a partnership made in heaven as Bill has spent his career helping entrepreneurs and business owners figure out how to reach their potential. Mark built a £200M digital marketing business in the U.K. in three years. Together, they’ve created a new approach to marketing, one that fuses technology and expertise together to deliver marketing-as-a-service for B2B and law firms at scale. So was this one of those ideas that grabbed him in the middle of the night, and wouldn't let go? And where were the struggles that he had to overcome to make this success a real life example of entrepreneurial excellence? Well let's find out by bringing him on the show to start joining up those dots, with the one and only Bill Bice Show Highlights During the show we discussed such weighty subjects with Bill Bice such as: Why its great to start something new when you are young when you have nothing much to risk in your life. The reasons why finding a mentor in your life is a must. Dont be frightened to reach out and get help, especially at the beginning.  Why they best things that humans have is the ability to project ourselves into the future (but also this could lead to huge problems too) No matter what you think, it will always take longer and cost more than you expect it to take in a business. And lastly...... We discuss the principle of "how do we amplify the power of word of mouth" to get the real value of marketing.

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Daniel is the founder of Lumen, a pocket-size device that measures metabolism in a single breath and provides personalized food, lifestyle, and health recommendations.

The company got its start after raising over $1m on Indiegogo and then later another $7m from investors. So what is it exactly and what are the benefits to the Lumen product? What once took hours to measure, and a team of nutritionists and scientists to analyze, can now be done in less than three minutes. 

Imagine hacking your metabolism in real time and finding out whether you are burning fats or carbs and what you can do do about it. He is well-known for being an experienced entrepreneur and angel investor, as prior to founding Lumen, Daniel was CEO and co-founder of Wibiya, and after Conduit purchased the company in 2011, he served as Vice President of Product. Prior to founding Wibiya, Tal co-founded Joongel Group, a company that provides simple search solutions in relevant categories based on a user's geographic location.

Daniel is also a member of the Zell Alumni Board of Directors and mentors current students in the program. So where do the ideas come from to launch so many start-ups, and how does he remain focused against simply jumping on the next thing. And what was the hardest part of getting Lumen off the ground? Finding the idea or convincing others that it was a winner. Well lets find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots with the one and only Mr Daniel Tal.

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When we're young, we have an amazing positive outlook about how great life is going to be. But somewhere along the line we forget to dream and end up settling. Join Up Dots features amazing people who refuse to give up and chose to go after their dreams. This is your blueprint for greatness. So here's your host live from the back of his garden in the UK. David Ralph. David Ralph 0:25 Yes. Good morning. Good morning to everybody. Everyone across the world. Thank you so much for being here with me. Can we have a group hug, which is WeChat a little arms round and squeezing, squeezing, squeezing? You know, I I've gotten apologies to me, I have gotten an apology to make I recorded a show the other day, called opportunities are everywhere. When we reference Lucas Gordon photography, and I listened back to it this morning, I just dipped into one of my episodes. And that was the one I chose was so fast, I was a little a little little over enthusiastic. I don't know what was the matter with me. So if you listen to that, and thought, My God, you must be on drugs or something. I agree with you. I agree with you. I don't know why I was going at it so fast. It didn't feel like it at a time maybe. Maybe I was just excited. Maybe I was just an excitable man. And, and it came out in my voice. So I do apologise, I do apologise, I'll try to get back on to normal track because I do know, I get a lot of people across the board across the board across the world from abroad, listening to Join Up Dots. And some of them say, I don't catch all what you talk about. But I enjoy the passion. Well, I don't think that one you would have called or enjoyed the passion at all. So I do apologise, I do apologise. I'm going to take it slow. I'm going to take it slow. Why Today's episode is from a listener. And I hope you like these little little listens as well. It's not just interviews, we're trying to, we're trying to change it around, we're trying to put a little bit of element of what you want into it. So some people might only have a little bit of time. Going for a little 14 minute Join Up Dots. Others I've got hours and hours when go for that one, trying to blend it. It's all about you guys. Anyway, this is an email that came through from Marcus archers from New Zealand. And Marcus says dear David, David, I listened to your show sporadically. And I've always been partial to listen to it more. I think this is brilliant. This sounds like a native, doesn't it? Yeah. Can't be balanced. I don't know why I go off elsewhere. But I guess I'm easily distracted. One of the things that you can talk about is making time to be disconnected from your business and the world. And I struggle with this majorly. And I would like to become better. Over best. Right? I think I tell you what I tell you. I was there. I was wondering the field batting of sheep left right in the centre there. I was going to be in the new new Lord of the Rings field. That's how good at my accent was where? Why did David? Because I think Australians do that sort of everything's a question at the end of the day, David, I listened to your show, sporadically. And always think I should listen to it more. You having sounding good. It's all that I know what it means something that when your voice goes up at the end, like a question, but it's not a question. But it's a question. That's what the LC is a monster. Okay, yeah. being distracted and disconnected from the world. And it is a big, big problem. And I think it's it's the major problem. I know, my kids struggle with it. My I think everyone struggles with it. And I, I'm very good at disconnecting. But I also having an online business, I feel that poor, I feel that poor like, everyone really, you know, the world has never been more connected. And no matter where in the world you are, you can send a message to anyone in another part of the world, as long as you both have internet connexion. I'm a member in the sort of 80s in the 70s. Anyone from the United Kingdom will remember this, you'd go on holiday to Spain, and you'd have to wait a week for the newspapers to turn up. And so he was always a week behind the football results. He was always a week and one person would get the paper and you share it around with anybody else. It was like it was it was like a drug deal. But you go How can I have 10 minutes? In an hour? Can I have 10 minutes I newspaper done? I want I've gone back into that accident. I just like doing it. I really do. And yeah, but now you just got being and you just never never away from stuff is it's annoying, but it's the way it is. It's the way it is. Right. Also, I think one of the issues is that all these devices out there are designed to make you actually want to get hooked up to them, you can't fight it. They are like psychological experiments being paid on us. So that we will feel that desire. That's what it designed for. And as soon as you realise that Facebook and LinkedIn and Twitter and all the social media platforms are designed by people, I'm getting a lot slower today. And I I feel I feel more in control of everything. And they're in designed by people who are actively trading on our emotions, our stress levels, our need to not miss out on those kind of things. And once you realise that, and you realise that they're playing on a kind of internal algorithm, it's easier to stop. Okay, so some of the things that I actually do, right, I don't look at any games, well, I don't have any gadgets, I have my PC in Join Up Dots, HQ. And I have this morning laptop, which I'm going to get rid of because it started not logging on. And so I spend 1015 minutes trying to get it to work. So I'm actually going to get rid of it. So I'm now down to just my PC. So when I turn that off, I've gone. Absolutely no one on earth will be able to get me. But I've started to limit my amount of time I come to my office. And if I do come to my office, what I used to do is leave my computer on all the time, and I could just come along and boom hours easy to turn on. Now I'm turning it off. So I might come up here to read a book, I might come here to plan something. But actually getting into the online world, I don't unless I actually have to turn my computer on which once again is a little barrier for me to do. But you can certainly eliminate gadgets for one hour before sleep and after wake up. So my daughter will reach out and before our eyes even open in the morning, she's got her phone, and she's reaching and dragging it under the covers. So she's hi asleep, but she knows that she needs a phone. My wife needs a phone by the side of a bed. In case of emergencies. I go, what emergencies Are we going to have? Everybody that you love is basically in our house, or vape got people to support them, you know, you know, Batman woman, you know, getting a suddenly ever dot appear on the ceiling and you've got to go out and solve crime during the night. You don't need to have your phone on all the time. I just turned the notifications up. She doesn't talk about that. And I say no. Is that gonna be all the notifications because my wife's not good. We got a new radio, we got a new alarm by the side of the bed because she decided that the light of the previous one that we've had for a million years was too bright. It was too bright. It is keeping me awake. Well, if you hear the snoring, I don't think it is. But anyway, so we've gone to this other one that you can dim down. And she doesn't like the buzzer, because it sounds like a lowly reversing. You know they do that noise. And it actually gets louder. So you actually feel like you're gonna back to be run over and you sleep. And so you suddenly panic, but a law is just going to crash your head. But when you go, Oh no, it's always the alarm. So she doesn't like that. Now she's going for the radio. And now, the other night, she set the radio to come on at half past 12 in the morning, panicked. And they went out for God's sake, why is it doing this? Probably because you programmed it to do that. And then reset it again for half past two in the morning. So we had the radio burst into our life all the way through the night. But it wasn't, it wasn't the devices fault. It was the wives. I'm telling you that don't say anything, but it was the white spot. So what you need to do is reach out and turn off all your devices before and after wake up and have that set into your your routine. And turn off all your notifications. It doesn't only save battery life, it also saves you from a lot of distractions turn up all your push notifications from email, chat, social media, your application. If it's really really urgent, somebody will knock on your door for example, you know, people won't be drowning. I'm drowning, I'm drowning, I'm drowning. Send a text message to your best mate. That wouldn't happen. You would shout out Help me Help me, you know, urgent doesn't happen. And as we're talking about emergencies, do this as well. Because I get this a lot when people say to me, you really haven't got a phone, you haven't got a phone? Oh, no, I haven't got a phone. What do you do in emergencies? And I always say to him, when was the last time you had an emergency? And I go Oh, no, no, it does happen. I got When was the last time. And I would say to all of you if you're in that light? Yes, there's emergencies all the time. just jot it down and jot it down on a scale of one to 10. When you get something through, was that an emergency did that need it now. And you'll see you rarely ever. If anything I once broke down on the Alps, I was 12,000 feet up in a car with broke down, couldn't get it going. And my dad had an emergency phone, thank God because otherwise I don't know what we would have done that I think in my life is the only emergency I've ever had. Okay, doesn't really happen. Now, if you do need to have all these phones around you keep your phone in the drawer while you're working. Just just lock it away. And just try to think to yourself, now keep it there. And when you get that urge in your stomach, because you do you get a bit tense Do you get a bit twitchy just being said, Well, I'm feeling twitchy. I'm feeling twitchy, I'm going to go for another 10 minutes, don't beat yourself, I'm leaving it in there forever. Because you won't do that. That's like trying to lose 30 stone in a month. Just leave it in there go right now I can do another 10 minutes, I'll do another 10 minutes is now 1106, I'm going to wait to 1116 before I get back and start increasing it little by little 10 minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes, because you are trying to break free from an addiction. These devices are created. So you're addicted, it's the way they work. But you can't go cold turkey because it just won't work. Now, one of the things that I don't understand, but one of my mates says he does is he has only one device for checking social media. He can he can get Facebook, on your desktop, on your laptop on your smart phone, even on your Apple Watch. So you're checking everywhere, he now is it all through into one device. Now I've got one and it's called a man's name. I can't think what it is. But I put it in the links. And I haven't used it for a while. That's why I can't remember. But it has LinkedIn it has Facebook on it has all the notifications and I can go on to it. Within one second, I can see and turn it all off. So instead of going into Facebook and going into here and going into a or whatever, or having all the notifications, I don't have any notifications at all, I just have this one device, whatever it's called now coming was called is something to do with Roman is come to me. And I just log on once every three days or something and I have a quick look. And bang, it's done. Okay. Now, then the next thing that I would do, and these are the kinds of things I do, I have a thing called stay focused on Chrome, which I can programme my favourite websites. And we all have websites that were desperate to get into and we're going to check mines BBC Sport, are can go on to BBC Sport and find out where this football players being transferred. And that is not necessary. But I do. So I limited and I give myself 15 minutes a day on this website. And when it closes down, and it won't activate again till the next day. And you can set it up stay focused on Chrome. It's a free app. And it's brilliant. And as I say I look at it and I think to myself running out and running out I've got to do it bang is gone. And that's it. I just have to walk away from it. And so I prepare. And I think to myself, I have I got 15 minutes, yes, I have because what I don't want to do is it sort of waste of time, I want to make the most of it. Once again, your chance to do now somebody else told me what what they do, I have over sort of like the summaries of the websites, come to them in an email. So I can just scan down. I don't know how that's done, if anybody knows how that's done. But that's what he does. email comes through, it gives over sort of highlights of the website changes, and you can scan down and you can just keep up with it. Okay. And the last thing that I would say is go to emails once a day, okay, just just once a day that there's nothing, the problem is in business, people use it to talk, they don't use it to actually confirm, they just use it to communicate. So you're in there all the time sending two line emails back and forth, because you're too lazy to walk across the desk. If that is you then say to your colleagues, no, I'm not going to do this until 12 o'clock lunchtime, and bed, I'm going to open it up anything he wants saved about time, and I will respect or we can talk face to face. Because in the online world, email still remains the most personal way of online communication is it this is where the most important engagements happen, tweets and all those kinds of stuff it is. So bullet points, this is the big stuff. And so social media, like Friendster and multiply, have come and gone, all these kind of things, but email still remains and it always will. So limit yourself. Don't think that it's important. It's not if it is important in your company, your boss will come across. And if he's just sending an email expecting you to respond straight away, then it's not, it's not okay. So that there are kind of things Marcus, but I do. But the main thing that I do is I don't have a phone. I push everything now into messenger, and email. That's the only two ways that you can communicate with me away from that I don't look at anything. And I'm just aware of it. And I'm not a month, I still feel that that pole, that desire to check into these things. But by doing that, and just being aware and try to do 10 minutes and then make it 20 minutes and try to do an hour you will start breaking that addiction. And then you can do a day two weeks, you know, I can do a month at a time not look at anything. I probably could do longer than that now to just the way that I've organised it. So let me know Marcus, if you've managed to do anything and you try to stay disconnected and focus because it's a real game changer. And I will promise to practice my New Zealand accent. I really will. I'm gonna really Tommy best to do that. Until next time. Look out yourselves everybody. Thank you so much for being here and I will see you again soon. Bye bye. Unknown Speaker 15:48 That's the end of China. Unknown Speaker 15:51 You heard the conversation. Now it's time for you to start taking massive action. Unknown Speaker 16:01 QB create your life easy only life. Unknown Speaker 16:07 Will be back again real soon. Join Up Dots Join Up Dots Join Up Dots Unknown Speaker 16:15 Jolly Jolly.

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Mark Egan is todays guest joining us on the Steve Jobs inspired Join Up Dots business podcast So how do you go from being a jobbing journalist for the BBC to creating a thriving business facilitating conferences over Zoom. Whilst also running a professional video enterprise teaching the world how to make top notch videos on their smartphones. Well that is the story you will hear today, as Mr Egan joins the dots to where he is today. As he says "I teach businesses and media professionals to create professional video, even if it’s using a smartphone or broadcasting from a home studio. I have trained thousands of journalists, marketers, charity workers and entrepreneurs to shoot professional videos with smartphones. How The Dots Joined Up For Mark Previous clients include the European Broadcasting Union, Oxfam, SKY, Help for Heroes, SVT Sweden, Sanoma Newspaper Group Finland, Asia Media Summit China, Wan-IFRA Delhi. But before that I worked for the BBC for 12 years, and then started Purple Bridge Media which offers training and video production. I have been involved in training and implementing new ways of working in major broadcasters such as SKY and BBC as well as academic institutions and companies. And now he he recently launched his latest video podcast looking at the Knowledge industry and sharing the tips and advice of online marketers, podcasters and anyone who has created income and wealth by sharing the stuff they know - the knowledge. So when he started his own business where did he know where to head on his new career first? How did he know what was the first right thing to do? And what would be the biggest learning he has discovered through interviewing so many online success stories that he wished he had in his armoury? Well lets find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots with the one and only Mr. Mark Egan.

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Introducing Joshua Dick

Over fifteen years, Josh Dick transformed a small family business into a global market leader in the coffee industry with customers in over 70 countries and distribution facilities on three continents. In the process, sales grew more than 25 times while earnings multiplied over 275 times. After the sale of the business, Josh moved to Florence, Italy where he now lives with his wife and three daughters. Now that's not a bad starting to a show, but of course we need more about today's guest. And of course you are going to get it. Joshua’s approach to business has always been about creating an organization that is strong, secure, and able to avoid distraction. How The Dots Joined Up For Joshua Throughout his career in the coffee industry, he relied on the unusual metaphor of the lobster to unite the team and prepare the organization. Awareness that lobsters never stop growing and of the trauma they experience during molt can remind any business to enjoy the ups while preparing for the downs that always come. Growing Like a Lobster was motivated by Joshua’s sincere desire to help others who seek to build extraordinary businesses. Through sharing his personal experiences and insights, Joshua offers a new way to confront challenges and simple approaches to building special and lasting organizations. Joshua has a B.A. in Political Science from Yale College and an M.B.A in Marketing and Finance from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.  Along the way to building brands within the world of coffee machine cleaning products, Josh worked in investment banking for Salomon Brothers and in marketing for Unilever Home and Personal Care. And now with his book Grow Like A Lobster: How to Plan and Prepare for Extraordinary Business Results he is quite simply it seems where he wants to be in life and in business. So do businesses need the ups and downs that come, to truly strengthen their foundations, and grow like a lobster? And now with the issues across the world, due to Covid-19 has the years given him a business that can fight it's corner and survive? Well lets find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots with the one and only Mr. Joshua Dick. Show Highlights During the show we discussed such weighty subjects with Joshua such as: Joshua shares why he feels so many businesses have to have the dips to become what they want to be. Why so many people fail to grasp the ability to have control in their lives by handing it all over to an employer. Joshua talks about the process that he went through to grow his coffee business, starting with submerging himself into coffee culture And lastly.... With limited resources, based around time and energy Joshua decided on what would make his business special. And it wasn't what he first thought it would be.

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Ryan Kugler is todays guest joining us on the Steve Jobs inspired Join Up Dots podcast

As he says "I am a small business owner, in fact I own three separate businesses and juggle them all at a “layered” company (all of my employees work all three companies at the same time).

My first business (A5 Events) is a an event producer focused on helping non-profit organizations with their fundraisers (charity runs and walks). My second business is marketing company (Ideal Content), where we focus on making high end marketing material for our clients (video brochures…a physical brochures that plays a video upon opening-cool) and lastly, my third company is a secondary wholesaler, called Plan B.

We help manufacturers and retailers move their inventory when their sales drop! But thats just one side of him as without doubt he is someone with hustle, and the balls to make things happen. Ryan was born in Chicago, Illinois and moved to Los Angeles shortly thereafter.

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Of course Join Up Dots is a top ranked entrepreneur podcast, but that’s just a little part of what we do.

We make dreams come true and the wonderful thing about building an online business is it’s very, very simple.

You have something to offer or sell, and you then go and find the people that want it.

Find enough of those people and hey presto….you have a very nice living indeed. However, people across the world make it so complicated.

At Join Up Dots we go a different way.

We make things happen in the most relaxed and stress free method possible.

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Acadium Founder Moe Abbas is todays guest joining us on the Steve Jobs inspired Join Up Dots.

He is the  am CEO and co-founder of Acadium, where anyone can launch a career in digital marketing for free.

These include roles in social media, content writing, graphic design and more.

There mission is to accelerate economic mobility by making access to a new career accessible to anyone with an internet connection.

The reason he is doing this, well he has been on a bit of a journey.

As he says "My family came to Canada as refugees when I was 3 where we were graciously accepted and supported.

We grew up impoverished financially but rich with morals and love.

I remember going door to door at 10 years old selling services and products to help my parents. I've only ever been an entrepreneur, building and learning.

At nineteen years old, I founded my first two companies which I later sold.


How The Dots Joined Up For Moe

At 21 I founded Ottawa General Contractors with a few childhood friends. In 5 years, I led the group from a basement office into Canada’s leading residential design build company with 20+ million in sales and design centers across the country.

At 26 years I won the NKBA 30 under 30 award and I was the youngest recipient ever of the OBJ 40 Under 40 Award.

I have also won the Immigrant Entrepreneur award from the City of Ottawa and many others.

In my late 20's I decided to become an entrepreneur in tech because I believed technology could provide the most leverage in creating a positive impact.

After a few failed starts, I co-founded Acadium, the number 1 place in the world to launch a career in digital marketing.

So what is it that truly lights him up in the entrepreneurial world, as for many the constant movement and grind wears them out?

And of course once the "Big Idea" hit, and he could see the birth of investing, how hard was it to get it off the ground?

Well lets find out as we bring onto the show to Join Up Dots with the one and only Moe Abbas


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Introducing Rene Lacad Today's guest first joining us on the Join Up Dots show is Rene Lacad is a 24-year-old college dropout turned entrepreneur.  Utilizing the power of social media he was able to generate over $10,000,000+ in revenue for over a dozen businesses.  He currently travels the world teaching aspiring entrepreneurs how to break free from the 9 to 5 and live life on their terms, all while running his businesses from a laptop.   You might be wondering, how does a college dropout build multiple six figure companies at age 24?  It all started in 2013 when he was attending a local community college and had just barely graduated high school with a 2.1 GPA. He knew instantly that when he got to college something was wrong. The classroom wasn’t a place where he was able to flourish, he decided to dropout and join the workforce to get real world experience.  The first big step came after bouncing around from one oddball job to another. How The Dots Joined Up For Rene He eventually found himself at a sales position at a Fortune 500 company where he was able to find his first taste of success. He stayed there for a year before something strange happened, he realized that he was beginning to outgrow this position as well, and decided to look for something more fulfilling. The life changing breakthrough he was looking for came shortly after left his last job. Rene landed a position working at a company owned by a well known entrepreneur, where he was able to gain valuable information everyday for over a year straight. He used this opportunity to make his brain a sponge and absorb information unavailable anywhere else.  He learned the secrets to sales, marketing, human psychology, business and entrepreneurship and the rest is history. So why do so many people struggle to make a go of it online when the blueprint is out there to follow? And what are the challenges of being a digital nomad and travelling the world with his laptop Well lets find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots with the one and only Mr. Rene Lacad Show Highlights During the show we discussed such weight subjects with Rene Lacad such as: Rene reveals the words of his mother, where she was convinced that he would go out and get a job like everyone else. Why if you keep on looking for the one opportunity you will ultimately find the one that brings the gold. We discuss how Rene organises his day to make sure that his business gives him the lifestyle that he wants. And lastly................. The power of re-engineering a process to work backwards to get product market fit. Easiest way to success.

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Welcome to the Join Up Dots business coaching podcast where in todays show we answer three quick questions from listeners across the world.

As you will hear these range from people who have already started to build their businesses online, and others who are simply wanting to get going.

You see starting an online business will lead you into a world of obstacles, hassles and difficulties at the beginning.

This is perfectly normal as you don't know what you dont know and is all part of the learning process.

Which is why hiring a business coach is such a valuable tool to bring into your armoury of business tools. So lets start with the first question.......

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Patricia Dominguez is todays guest joining us on the Steve Jobs inspired Join Up Dots.

In 2012, burnt out with her cushy corporate job, she made the decision to jump into entrepreneurship.

As she says "While in Corporate America I learned quite a bit and had the good fortune to work with some really brilliant minds. I saw a need in the small business space, specific to positioning and that’s where I’ve been able to create the most impact. 

Positioning Marketing:  without it… you will likely approach marketing with a “spray & pray” approach with tepid results. How The Dots Joined Up For Patricia Now of course you will be saying what the hell is position marketing ?

Well this is the place that most business owners should aim for, and very few get to. Becoming a "Category of One" status in their specific market, where people understand what you are about and flock to you.

It makes it doubly easy to send the right message to the right people time and time again.

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Victoria Kennedy is the CEO of Victorious PR, a media agency that helps Entrepreneurs, Real Estate Brokerages, Mortgage Companies, and Solar Businesses get featured in industry-specific publications, local press, podcasts, and top publications to be seen as Industry Leaders in their fields.

Getting yourself noticed is harder and harder nowadays, as there is so much noise out there. So much content being created by eager and hardworking entrepreneurs. So what makes someone stop and think that they can bring something different to the industry?

How The Dots Joined Up For Victoria

Now this is a story that is pure hustle and drive, as our guest didn't start her business with a successful or rich parent as a support. Our guest started her life as she was extremely poor, and was surrounded by all the doubts and imposter syndrome conditioning that could have knocked her off track.

It didn't stop her however and now she is becoming the go to person to help companies and individuals leverage digital PR to not only increase their visibility but also directly grow their revenue. Victoria has been featured in over 200 publications including Forbes, Entrepreneur, Yahoo Finance, TV & radio stations, and the TEDx stage. So why PR and what made her think that she could bring something new to the game? And where do people go wrong with trying to get themselves onto podcasts and into publication?

Well let's find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots with the one and only Victoria Kennedy.

Show Highlights

During the show we discussed such weighty subjects with Victoria Kennedy such as:  Victoria shares how the number one priority for any entrepreneur is to be the key authority in the niche. If you cant be then create a new niche. Why people truly need to get down into the nitty gritty of their hero story to start gaining the exposure that they want.. Victoria talks about the adjacent possible that makes all things possible if you only look closely enough. and lastly......... She shares a fascinating story of cancel culture and what she believes will be the change heading our way shortly.

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Becoming financially free is the dream for everybody i would guess.

You know how it would be if you won the lottery and didn't have to go to work everyday at a time that you didn't want to.

Life would be brilliant and you would spend your time floating around, having naps in the middle of the afternoon.

However, most of us will never win the lottery, so it's down to us to win our own lottery and start becoming financially free.

Ready for the steps that you can take you to where you want to be in double fast time?

Stop Spending The Money You Have

To become rich you really need to stop spending money on things that you have don't truly need. All those little expenses that dont really seem to be much, really add up to a heft sum.

Yeah its only a £5 here and there. It's only the gym membership. But take a look at what is occurring each week and each month and that's just one thing. Your money leaving you quicker than you could ever want to happen.

So as my Mum always used to say "If you take care of the pennies the pounds take care of themselves"

Start monitoring the small stuff today and never look back.

Manage Your Money To Be Financially Free

One thing is sure, you can always find the money to do the things that you want to do. Which means at the end of the month you are scrapping around to save anything.

This shouldn't be the case, and to become financially free you need to pay yourself first. You simply must get into good money management habits.

Allocate the cash into several different bank accounts that cant be touched for anything other than its designated reasons. This will be tough, but becoming financially free is tough...but you can do it.

Financially Free Starts In The Home

Did you know that its possible to earn great money simply from the house you are living in? Airbnb has built its whole business model around people renting out rooms in their house.

Could you do the same?

Or perhaps you could take one step closer to being financially free by loaning your home to a film company. There is big money for people renting out unusual locations to film companies to utilise. Even simple things like renting out your driveway can add up to many hundreds of pounds per month. That is the way to become financially free by looking closely at the opportunities around you.

Start Building Passive Income

Having money coming into your life every month without lifting a finger is great. But of course most passive income takes a bit of work to get going of course.

Building a niche site which targets affiliate links is quite easy, although not as profitable as it once was.

That doesn't mean that you shouldn't give it a go, as you will make some cash for sure.

And you will learn so much in the process about the worldwide web and how to grab hold of it all for your family.

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