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In todays to podcast episode we answer several questions from listeners across the world.

And of course we have also gained lovely comments from listeners who have been inspired by our shows.

Dear David, i listened to your show the other day and a light bulb went on in my head.

I am getting what I have allowed to happen to me.

I am in the job because i went for the job. I decide who I am going to share my life and body with. Its all down to me.

Scary times ahead but thank you.

I should have seen this myself as its bloody obvious.

Hi David great show as always. Today I went in and said to my Boss, tell me what I need to do to get a promotion. She almost cried, you could see it in her face.

She then told me that she has been desperate for me to become proactive and make things happen. The next thing is to move out and get my own place.

Hi David, I want to better at being a better person. What can you suggest? David, if i wanted to earn more money should i ask for a payrise or simply get another job somewhere.

I am excited about the future as It my future to make

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