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Jaryd Krause is todays guest joining us on the Steve Jobs inspired podcast.

He is the owner of the online business - Buying Online

Like most people, or at least the ones that i meet everyday, he had a desire to start his own online business, walk around in his underpants at 4:00pm in the afternoon, and quite frankly reap ever easier rewards.

But the story to where he is today is quite a bit different to that vision.

As he says "my sheer desire to earn a decent and regular (passive) income from a minimal amount of personal input paved the path to this point of where I am at now.

This desire was all necessary so that I could simply fulfil my aspiration to travel and explore the world without repeatedly needing to return home every so often to hustle my heart out to earn more money in order to take off overseas again, and again.

However he wasn't moving towards that vision very easily. In fact although he was hustling, He just wasn’t hustling in the right direction.

So how could he get past the slog phase of creating online income? How could he skip past the failure point of many start-up businesses that fail after the first twelve months?

This was this very question that led him to the BIG Ah-Ha moment, to the point of realization that I was searching so hard for.

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