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Oct 26, 2016

If you are about to start college and need the kind of career advice that works, then my guest today, on the Steve Jobs inspired Join Up Dots free podcast interview is a lady who can help.

She is on a mission to impact millions, not allowing the obtacles of life to get in her way. As she says "I am from New Jersey in the U.S. and was the first person in my family to go to college. My parents only made it as far as elementary and middle school. When I look back on everything, it seems as though my dots simply aligned to take me towards my goal of pursuing a purposeful life. It's quite amazing to see them all join up. After graduating from Georgetown University, I went on to work in fashion and corporate marketing, before realizing that I didn’t want to wait to start living the life I want. During that time, I was diagnosed with depression, got into a bad car accident and more importantly started volunteering as an admissions interviewer, which made me realize how much I loved working with high school students and guiding them through one of the most stressful and sometimes influential time of their lives. I have been a full time college admissions counselor for almost 4 years now and have almost 10 years of experience. In addition to working one-on-one with students, I have also developed an online college admissions planning course to make the knowledge and insight I have accessible to families everywhere for less than $1/day. My goal in life is not to make a lot of money or become famous. It is to inspire our future generations to put their best into this world so that I may one day leave this world better than I found it through the lives I’ve touched. I’ve had such amazing students, including a legally blind student who later went on to study at an Ivy league institution. I will never feel like anything is hard or impossible after being blessed at the opportunity to work with her." Isnt this brilliant as so many people, and i think I at my heart I was in this group too, who start out with the goal to make a lot of money, and have a comfortable life just go through otions. But this is actually the wrong way to do it, and instead we should look to find a way that helps as many people as possible, and makes us feel as good as possible. Only then will we find true success. So what made her realise that a life in education is what lights her up, when so many adults cant wait to get out the doors and never return? And does she see a change in what students today think is possible, after so many amazing changes in the last few years? Well lets find out as we bring onto the show to starat joining up dots with the one and only Anna Ren