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Jun 27, 2015

Welcome to another bonus episode of Join Up Dots, where we respond to a listeners email. This is a show that all of us need to reflect on.
Dear David and everyone connected with Join Up Dots,
I listened to Join Up Dots today as I have done everyday for the last few weeks, and I just had to write to let you know what happened.
Episode 197 made me realise that I am letting myself down. In fact not just letting myself down but throwing away the life that I have been given.
I was so touched by the mans story, and how his persistence never wavered, no matter what happened in his life, that I broke down in tears at my desk.
I couldn't tell my colleagues what had happened to me, so just made up a story about problems at home.
But the problems are in me.
I shed so many tears today.
Tears for him and the uplifting way that he shared his struggles and heartaches.
But tears for me and the life that I have led. The years that I have wasted.
I would love to go back and listen to the show again, but I don't want to change the mark it has left on me.
I want to carry the pain, to drive me forwards to bigger and better things.
I know that I have it in me to achieve so much more.
I need more shows like this to keep me going.
The show you have created is a gift to all of us.
Bless you
Mindy Artisan