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Nov 18, 2019

Introducing David Bain

Today's guest is a man who is at the forefront of digital marketing in the UK and has been since way back in the early 2000's Starting his career by gaining an MBA in business from Napier University, he worked for a series of digital marketing agencies specialising in SEO, PPC and Social. He then moved away from the UK to Sydney Australia when offered the chance to head up the growth of the SEO department for MEC Australia. These were all the fledgling steps into the world of entrepreneurship, helping marketers to stay up-to-date with the latest tools, tactics and technologies through his books, podcasts and digital services, helping them to cut through the noise and focus on what shifts the needle. Nowadays you can be working for someone on a Monday and change your title on Linkedin To Expert on a Tuesday, but our guest has done his time getting to where he is. A digital marketing pioneer, podcast host and producer, he started his first online business back in the year 2000 and his first podcast in 2006. Since then he’s worked with several global organisations including Google, Nespresso, PA Consulting and Farfetch, delivered dozens of digital marketing training sessions and hosted hundreds of podcasts, webinars and online summits. David, his wife and son are based in London, UK. So today the world is screaming "Buy from me, look at me, grab my course and book" but certainly not when he started, so why the interest back then? And where does he see the mistakes that people make when entering into the world of online work with such eagerness today. Well lets find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots with the one and only Mr. David Bain. Show Highlights During today's show we discussed such weighty subjects with David Bain Why blending the offline and online world to get your customers attention, is such a powerful way to really boost the effectiveness of your content. David shares why we have such little time to make an informed decision that getting noticed has become a big issue. We discuss the process of getting a book from the content of a podcast to the real thing, and the effort involved.  and lastly....... Why its so important to focus on servicing people who are closely linked to you and your passions. Become your own avatar.